31 December 2011

glorious New Year's greetings!

Well, it's been a year, hasn't it?  And, in our house, it's ending on such a glorious high ............
So much to be thankful for, so much to look forward to - feeling very blessed and very inspired and ready to move forward with a ginormous great leap. 

The year's also ending with a couple of really exceptional radar sightings.  Thanks to Clara for telling me about Bill Cunningham New York ... if you love fashion and New York, you have GOT to see this documentary - it is an absolute delight!

And then Cara told me about Urban Style Emporium ... the home page makes me want to swoon!  A favorite is BNG - Design from Istanbul ... so bloody cool!

And then Current-Obsession is looking pretty interesting - here's a couple of very cool necklaces.  One by Nick Mullins .....

One by Philip Sajet ...

And thanks to my family who's been very generous with gift cards, I'm over the top excited about a couple of new book purchases ... both of India Flint's books, Second Skin and Eco Colour.  I'm hoping to dive into some fiber experiments this year and these are going to be hugely inspirational!

I'm thinking that's it for now.  We're not big party-ers, but we are heading out to an early dinner at our favorite Indian restaurant, then back home before all the crazies hit the streets.

I am so enormously grateful to everyone who follows this little blog and my amazing clientele that supports my work ... I am one fortunate woman.

So here's wishing you all a safe and blessed New Year.  

l i g a - kvk

25 December 2011

holiday blessings ........

No white Christmas this year, but here's a little something that we always listen to on Christmas day.  Please listen for a sweet reminder of the true meaning of Christmas, John Henry Faulk's "Christmas Story."

be well, be safe ... with deep gratitude - kvk

09 December 2011

radar sightings

Just a quickie, 'cause I've got so much to do today .......

Just discovered Spencer Herr at the American Folk Gallery ...

And this is in beta, but The Cools looks like a potential alternative to Etsy.  Not a lot of jewelry on there yet, but I like the aesthetic  .........  we'll see.

Always forget how much I like Sydney Lynch .....

And Terri Logan is doing some interesting new work with more nuggety stones set in concrete ... the link's for her work at Bellagio ....

And of course I love her pebbles in any form or combination ......

And I needed a small dose of Aurelie Alvarez this morning before I get to work .......

And don't forget our Trunk Show on Saturday!

ciao for now!
l i g a - kvk

07 December 2011


.........round two.  Cara and I are joining forces with mutual friend and fellow jewelry artist, Tamela Wells, for a second installment of our Urban Primitive Trunk Show.  And we're' going to the birthplace of our creative collaboration - Niche.  We're keeping it pretty simple - champagne and truffles, grapes for the non-sugar types and spiced nuts - well that's the plan as of this morning.  Join us if you can.  The last one was hugely inspirational and such good fun.  I know this one will be as good or better.

Lots to do, so back to work for this little peep!
l i g a - kvk

p.s.  the QR code takes you to our FB event page - aren't I just au courant?

01 December 2011

scurrying about + radar sightings

Hey ho!  What's up?
As for me ... I'm still catching up from being gone for a week.  I've got a stack of debit receipts that would choke a horse, my worktable looks like an explosion, I've got a stack of new magazines I'm dying to dive into and, the most important thing on the agenda ........ our second trunk show to work on.

But before I dive into all that, I've got some radar sightings to share.

First on my list is the clothing line Hannoh.  New to me, but of course Cara's been following him for ages. 

And I've really been enjoying my daily dose from Trendland which is how I found out that Bjorg has a new collection and lookbook.  See if you can figure out why I love her work ... silly me.

Cara sent me the link for Pip-Squeak Chapeau, which I have had very little time to peruse.  And WeTheUrban looks like it has some potential.

Pretty funny that I found my way to Apparet, a site for international contemporary jewelry designers, and I went straight to one of my favorite jewelry designers, Darcy Miro.  I want to just call it a day and be done when I look at her work.  Here's her website with an extraordinary video and her full range of work ... makes me swoon.

And for a fun little educational break ... my friend Cindy sent this link this morning.  Really fun, really well done and as Cindy said, essential viewing ...

Okay, back to work for this little peep.
l i g a - kvk

p.s.  two more sites for some information that's actually useful ...
How To Raise Your Vibration , Healing your shadow and Earthship, tons of cool information.