27 September 2013

further along

The last batch of bronze has been fired.  We had an intense skype call this afternoon - everyone a bit cross-eyed - nailing down details, configurations, lengths, "when are you getting there?", "how long are you staying?", "will be great that you can help out backstage" ... Hay Sus ... still feels utterly surreal.

Now I've got to solder on various elements and then work on the faux finishing ... it's all got to be in
Brooklyn a week from today ... oh my!

My unprecedented Etsy sale continues.  Closing in on having the plane ticket covered ... now there's the hotel and food and all those little travel details.  There's a lot of seriously yummy pieces waiting for their new home, so head on over to my Etsy shop and plug in the coupon code "PORTLAND" to snag yourself a 50% discount on your purchase!

with deep gratitude and light filled blessings ......
l i g a - kvk

24 September 2013

sale extended ...

... for at least a couple of weeks. What the heck, I mean really ... how often does an opportunity like this come along.  So I've updated the coupon code to "PORTLAND" to get 50% off anything in my Etsy shop.

The work is coming along ... the first batch of components are in the kiln and it will take several firings to get them all done - probably at least 4 or 5 firings.  We've decided on bronze and I'm going to use gilders paste to create a faux silver finish.  I thought about using Accent Silver, but just didn't want to deal with so many firings. I've just started experimenting with this crazy gilders paste stuff and there's a bit of a learning curve ... so I'd love it if anyone's got any pointers they'd like to share.  I like the look of it so far and just ordered a few more colors to use under the silver to give it more depth.

I'll keep everyone posted as the process continues.  Of course, no big reveal until after the runway show on October 12th!

Thanks to everyone who's already made a purchase ... I am deeply deeply grateful ... as is my c/cd balance!

love and light filled blessings ...
l i g a - kvk

19 September 2013

HUGE News !!!!!

So I've been dying to share this ... wanted to make sure it was a definite thing before I did.  I just booked my ticket to the Pacific NW.  I'm flying into Seattle and hooking up with my BFF Teresa (former owner of Artisans On Taylor in PT).  Then we're heading down to Portland where I'll be joining Fabio Costa and his design partner Rebecca Diele for the premier of their Spring/Summer 2014 collection at FashioNXT ... you see we're collaborating! 

I'm designing and making some very special jewelry for their new collection and Fabio's invited me to join them backstage for the show!  You might remember that I've been a huge Fabio fan since he was the runner up on Season 10 of Project Runway (this time last year).  We got to be FB friends and had a couple of nice email exchanges about mutual admiration of each others' work.  Then I made a couple of rings for him back in January which you can see in this sweet little Lord & Taylor video.

So, if you feel any inclination towards buying some of my work over on Etsy, now's the time to do it and don't forget to use the coupon code at checkout, "COMMUNITYDEAL" ...  got to pay for my travel expenses to my first ever runway show.  I'll be hanging with PR designers and lord knows who else.

 ... also need to remember to breathe!
with so much gratitude ...
l i g a - kvk

p.s.  thank you so much to everyone who's already made a purchase ... I am deeply grateful.


13 September 2013

I'm on a mission ...

... to transform my business.  You might remember, early August I completely dismantled my sample collection and started over.  Last weekend, after five weeks of intense focus, I finished my wholesale catalog, an enormous amount of work, but it was truly a labor of love.  I sent out email links to existing accounts and followed up with mailing hard copies of the catalog on Monday.  Here's the cover. 

I've started in on the website redesign and am loving the look of it.  I was hoping to build the new site on a new platform and have ecommerce straight away, but I've got too much going on to learn a new program and my old software will just have to do ... at least for another month or so. 

As if designing a new website and relaunching my wholesale business is not enough, I'm also in the middle of collaborating on a very special collection of jewelry.  I'm about to bust with excitement and dying to share, but I'm not quite ready to divulge the details ... let me just say this is a major opportunity and an enormously cool project.

And my life's getting even more interesting ... A couple of days ago, I had this very compelling dream.  I'm riding along in a car with someone I perceive to be a friend although she doesn't look anything like the person.  I'm in the passenger seat.  We're barreling along a two lane road and coming up fast on a fork in the road.  Considering our speed, I'm fully prepared for us to take the main road curving to the right, not quite as prepared to take the left fork which is a dirt/gravel mountain road.  I am wholly unprepared for what we actually do ... keep going straight over a grassy embankment and down a precipitous slope.  I see where we're going and am thinking, "OMG, we're going to die."  Only we fly over the embankment and continue barreling along down the steep grassy incline and I'm thinking, "Well, this isn't as bad as I thought it would be" ... and then I wake up.  Gotta say, this one's pretty obvious, dontcha think?

It's been a crazy week and that dream has really stuck with me.  So in the spirit of taking the unexpected way and the road NOT traveled, I've decided to do some studio cleaning.  I'm going to be listing a bunch of new pieces on Etsy ... I've got discontinued samples as well as pieces that I've made along the way and have never tried to sell.  I'm going to have a sale starting today.  Etsy peeps will get, for the first time ever, 40% off everything.  And here's the big payoff for my blog and Facebook followers ... you, my beloved community, can enter the coupon code COMMUNITYDEAL for an unprecedented 50% off and the sale will run through September 22nd. 

I mean business here.  Looks like it will be tomorrow, but I'll be listing at least 4 new necklaces and 2 dozen pairs of earrings ... most of which have never been seen.  I love all the work I make and am not really a fan of sales, but it's just time to move on.

So the COMMUNITYDEAL coupon is active and you can go ahead and use it ... just be aware that over the weekend, I'll be listing a bunch more work.

l i g a - kvk