20 January 2010

Small Miracles Talisman for Haiti

Woo Hoo!  My first real post on the new blog!
I'm still working on getting all my links updated, but so far I'm liking how this platform works.  Much more intuitive for me, the queen of 'wysiwig'.

First thing I want to do is alert everyone to the necklace I've made to raise funds for the Haitian relief efforts.  I originally designed the Small Miracles Talisman for the at-risk new moms at 'Wendy's Place' in Nashville.  It seemed like a good design and I really like the way the message came together.  So I'll be adding them to my Talismans for Fellow Travelers series, but I'm doing this little promotion effort first.

 For starters, I've listed 2 of them on my Etsy site.  They're $70 (half price) and I'll donate $50 of that to Doctors Without Borders.  If you prefer nylon cord to the silver chain, I'll add another $15 to the donation.  The offer will stand for at least the rest of January and, if there's interest, maybe longer.  I'll also be adding a special page to my website for those that don't want to join Etsy.

that's it for the moment.  My 'what's been happening for the last couple of weeks' post will follow later today.

with gratitude and blessings - kvk


  1. good on you for ditching annoying stuff. i've always found blogger easy to use - well, there are a few things that are counter intuitive, but for the most part it's wysiwyg.

    these talismans are nice! and a very nice thought! you go...



    p.s. - and there's a freakin' 'preview' here!

    p.p.s. - this blue seems hard to read to me...

  2. Love, love, love the talismans! But, I'm finding this really hard to read. The black print on the grey background does not show up well, at least on my monitor, and gives me a headache to read. Just my 2 cents.

  3. Okay kids - how about these colors?
    Still getting everything dialed in, so feedback is very much appreciated.

  4. looks great now!! very easy on the eyes and with a real KVK voice... xo

  5. MUCH much better on the eyes. Now I can easily read everything! Thank you.

  6. thanks kids!
    don't want to give anyone a headache - really not wanting to torture my readers
    ttfn - k


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