08 December 2010

wednesday's radar

What's pinging on my radar this morning ...

Really excited about finding this source for diamond drill bits for my flex shaft - jumbo bits up to 1 3/4".  Woo hoo - big holes in glass and stuff !!!!!!

Serious lust here - Urban Zen - just my cuppa.  I'm thinking my jewelry needs to be there ... time to visualize done!  This is so much my aesthetic ~ this image just takes my breath ...

And I know I've posted this before, but it's always a welcome way to start the day ~ from 1 Giant Leap, Happy ..

still feelin' wabi-sabi, still soaking up birthday month gratitude
back to the product shots for me ...
blessings - kvk

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  1. your Yes-yes-joy-yes is infectios this morning!
    Thanks for the dunce cap info and the dancing after breakfast.


    i tried drilling glass one day, and did very bad bad bad bad ... :)


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