12 March 2011

components update

Well, best laid plans and all that...........
I really thought I'd get some new pieces up on Etsy today.  Thing is, I started hauling out all my little bins of components and decided to sell a few more than I was first thinking.  Please keep in mind, selling my components is something I rarely do and, having had someone buy my components, have the pieces cast then sell them as copyrighted originals, I always do it very mindfully.  So, that said ... I got a bit carried away culling little treasures to share on Etsy.  There's the pricing, which took awhile, but then I spent the better part of the afternoon playing around with how I want to photograph them.  Finally, I hit on a look that I like, but by then it was too late to really dive in.  So I thought I'd do a quick post to pique your curiosity.  Here's the assortment that I hope to get listed tomorrow .......

And this is a closeup of one of the necklaces I designed for the gemstone stacker beads.  I'm really loving the look of the 1mm leather cord with the brown waxed linen wrap.  I spent at least a couple of days this week trying out different looks for the necklace component.  I still want to use my handcut leather, but need to work on the details.  I've also done a fun closure on the bead chain.  I slid one of my KVK buttons on the chain and wired the end to keep it from sliding off.  Then I wired the other end into a loop.  I think it looks very cool and it seems to function nicely.  You can see it better in the above photo. 

I'm actually going to re-shoot these, but here's a couple of closeups of the gemstone beads.  These are the large rings with sapphires and rubies.  They've got a wonderful heft - no lightweight beads here - and average 12 x 5mm.  They'll sell for $42 each ...

And this is one of the medium size gemstone rings with yellow sapphires.  It's about 10 x 5mm and will be $36.  And, yes, I will be doing these in actual 'ring' sizes with the PMC Pro.  Really looking forward to those.

Okay, that's it for now.  I should be back tomorrow after I get some goodies up on Etsy.

spring blessings and heartfelt prayers for Japan, the earthquake victims and their families.  Having experienced the 7.2 Loma Prieta quake in '89, I can't begin to imagine the force of this one.
- kvk


  1. Kathy,
    I am looking forward to this! I LOVE your new gemstones rings.
    I have my eye on those yellow sapphires : )
    And I really like the leather with the waxed linen.
    You go girl!

  2. looking Good!
    You make me want to be a pirate. :)

    hope your finger is healing too. Its amazing how we heal, isn't it!

  3. these all look just so scrumptious

    can't wait to see them all listed on etsy so that i can choose some.

    your jewellery and elements of are just sooo unique Kathy. I just love it all.

  4. omg...these are fantastic kathy! I'm sooooooo jealous and I'm gonna get me some :) love love love your stuff. Beth


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