07 July 2011

tiny synchronicities

Little things lead to other things and then to a few more ... tiny bits of synchronicity that bring small smiles and deep appreciation.

Watched Adjustment Bureau for the second time last night.  Loving the movie and especially loving the part that contemporary ballet plays in the film.  Which led to looking up the ballet company.  Turns out they used the real company name and dancers in the movie.  Also turns out that Emily Blunt went from never having danced at all to an amazing performance - the DVD extra about her training and transformation is really inspiring.  The dance company is Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet ...

So looking up Cedar Lake, I found out that the company is going to be on So You Think You Can Dance ... tonight.  Amazing!  Haven't been following it this year, but will definitely watch it tonight.

Side note ... what I first wanted to be when I grew up was a dancer.  I love dance, not so much traditional ballet, but contemporary ballet and modern dance and hip hop and God I loved MC Hammer and Fred Astaire ... I took tap in my early 20's and can still do a pretty good time step and a mean set of back flaps. Also in Emily Blunt's interviews for the movie, she talked about her physical transformation and mentioned Tracy Anderson as the facilitator of said transformation.  Which led me to looking up Tracy Anderson.  Okay, so it's got a money back guarantee and I figure what the heck, if not now when ... I ordered her 90 day Metamorphosis program.  We'll see....    

Somewhere in there while looking around on the dance company's site and then looking at my blog and website and back to the company site, I was taken by the very organic, but equally contemporary look of the costumes, same thing with the music - color me surprised.  Which led me to see the little bit I needed to tweak on my website redesign.  Here's the home page as of right now ...

Okay, so it's pretty stark.  But what I remembered I had in my bag of tricks were those graphite lines ... much more better than than the computer drawn sterile lines I had in there at first.  The whole look of the site is pretty much a 180 degree turnaround from where I began.  All the little quirky things I had planned looked dreadful and the images I had shot as 'cover' images just didn't work and since all the jewelry is in Portland with the reps, I had to go with what I had on hand.  With the props I used, the images are pretty busy and have dictated the overall look of the new site.  Hence, ditching all the quirky elements.  A big switch is my font choice for my name and the headers, Opera ... it's kind of frilly and thin and rather elegant ... a big departure from Times New Roman.  The KVK icon is the same as it's been for a long time and won't be changing any time soon.  Even though I've been told I should use sans serif fonts I'm still using TNR for the text and sidebars.  I much prefer serif fonts and that's just the way it is and I am, so there.

So that's where I am this morning ... website is coming along nicely, looking forward to more dance tonight, Metamorphosis program is OTW, I've made a long overdue dr's appointment for a full check up, I've got a friend that's going to wear some of my jewels in her photo shoot and interviews for the launch of her new book (more on that when I've got the details) and the wholesale orders are still coming in.  All my consignment jewelry is in transit from AOT back to here and, once I see what I've got, I'm going to schedule some sort of trunk show.  Looks like I'm going to be busy for awhile.

Okay, back to work for this little peep ...
l i g a - kvk


  1. Hi Kathy,

    I just discovered you over at Hiro Boga's site (Careening Around the Curve). I liked your comment and thought I'd come by.

    Wow, what amazing jewelry! I love it!

    And I like this post too. I often have experiences that unfold like this too, with all kinds of little synchronicities and things pulling me one way or another, then having it all come together into something meaningful.

    Thanks for sharing this great example.

  2. Patti - thanks! So glad you stopped by and spoke up ... Looking forward to perusing your blog as well.


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