14 September 2011

new website + my 1st ever giveaway!

Hallelujah!!!  I am ever so thrilled and very very pleased to announce my new website is up and running!  Here's the home page ...

I'm really quite pleased with the look ... it's clean, very very clean ... plus I've added a couple of fancy schmansie details (well fancy for me).  With the very patient help of my beloved, we figured out how to add my KVK favicon to the header and from that I figured out how to link my PDF price list to the site.  Plus I cleaned up all the old site pages that had been lurking around since 2008!  Such a relief!

I'm not going to put the shopping cart feature on there for now and I don't have my Talismans on there.  The Talismans need something special and different and I want to spend some more time figuring that out.  I'm pretty cross-eyed right now and have been tweaking it for the last two days.  I'd love it if anyone has the time, give it a good perusal and let me know if you find any typos or non-functioning links or glitches or whatever.

As a bit of incentive and to celebrate my big accomplishment, leave a comment about the new website or any feedback and I'll throw the names into a hat for a chance to win a pair of Pinched Donut earrings (worth over $100) ... my first ever drawing for a freebie!  I'll draw the winner a week from today, Wednesday the 21st.

So let me know what you think!

l i g a - kvk


  1. The website is beautiful! All your jewelry and photography look so lovely. I love your homepage layout with the cool green glass. It is clean, as you say, and very calm. Congratulations! Your giveaway earrings will be quite a treat for some lucky reader.

  2. Kathy,
    love your maker's mark, and LOVE the closeups of your earrings, and REALLY LOVE all the random things that inspire you as well as the words that inspire you, it is all a feast for the eyes - and how I love the visual feast...thanks for sharing!

  3. Kathy, I'm nearly speechless! It is perfect. Clean, yes. Exciting, oh yes. Alive and very appealing. I love it. (Ok, I said NEARLY speechless)
    vickie in kc

  4. Kathy, You ROCK!
    All your hard work has paid off, your new site is beautiful.
    I like how clean it is, clean and serene.
    It really flows and your photography is great!
    Love, love love!


  5. Hi Kathy,
    I've just had a wee browse through your new website. Congratulations are in order! This is a huge task and it's really hard to get a feeling coming through in this media - and you have achieved this beautifully. I've loved your organic, subdued style since I first tripped over your blog. There's a lot of content there too - it's a huge job.
    The only thing I kind of missed was a little information about each piece - like necklace/bracelet length and maybe materials? I'm not sure how you could incorporate this and still keep the lovely clean style though??
    Your work is beautiful!

  6. I like that it's got a simple design! Overall very eye-catching.

    -Britt T.


  7. Kathy,

    The new website is gorgeous! What an amazing body of work - and it is so uniquely yours! I clicked all around and everything seems to be working very well! Bravo!

  8. I love the new site, yes, everything is very clean. I love the green glass with your pieces, it really shows them off and they look so beautiful and organic. Your pieces are gorgeous, as always...... LOVE

  9. peeking in from colorado - and everything looks absolutely beautiful! i envy you, your computer design skills...
    too, what an incredible dream you had - very powerful, very real. and aren't you glad you remembered it? last night i dreamed of bears. one was a polar bear, others were really big black bears......xo

  10. What a gorgeous header on your website! I was excited to see it [the website] because I'll be revamping my own. Looking forward to checking out more in your shop!

  11. Oh golly! Thanks everyone! Names are being duly noted and added to the hat for next week's drawing. :-)

    Lesley, I'm pondering how to get some product info onto the site without being too wordy. It may go into the Nuts & Bolts section or at the top of the collections pages. Thanks for the feedback!

    Right now I'm working on SEO and keywords. I've learned that virtually all the words I've been using are not getting me any traffic at all. Phooey! I guess I'm on to boring words that get results. Steep steep learning curve here.

    Deep breaths......
    l i g a - kvk

  12. BTW - the green backgrounds are a mondo chunk of flourite and a big shard of Roman glass over a base of sanded clear plexiglass on top of my worktable.

  13. Gorgeous! How do you do it all? I am blown away! Thank you, Cara

  14. hi katHy

    BiG cOngraTs.
    so many gOOdies on your new website
    I lOOOve everything

    i love the fact that you have an easy to use pricelist so that we can see the price of our faVs.
    bestest lUck

    you''ll ceRtainly being seeing a lOt of Me.


  15. I just had a spin around your new website. It's beautiful and I didn't want to leave. Such a calming space which supports your work and intention well. No typos that I could find and everthing clicked just fine. Well done!

  16. Oh, lovin' all the lovin'!
    Hey Lesley - check out the Nuts & Bolts page where I added some jewelry specifics. I think that's as much as I want to do right now.

  17. I love the look of your new site. The way your photograph your items is just lovely! Congrats!!!

  18. All is looking good. Thanks for the link to the stainless steel yarn. Oh and love your work too!

  19. The website is great, the jewelry is stunning and that it's not cluttered is even better. You have beautiful items.

  20. Yah! That's it - you nailed it! Lesley

  21. love your work and your website. lovely, clean and beautiful, like the artisit herself!

  22. Kathy, girl--you've done it again. Your revamped catalogue is just lovely. Very clean and elegant---just like your jewelry! So many pieces I own and wear proudly. Keep the energy flowing. XxOo

  23. Wowie Zowie! Thanks everyone for chiming in! Such wonderful and encouraging feedback. Fun was had by all ... :-)

  24. That website looks gorgeous, and it will only improve in time. The white background is simple, but it's effective in emphasizing everything else in the site. Also, that giveaway is a charming token to market the birth of that new website. Cheers!

  25. I just checked your new website, and I like its simplicity. It may not be as colorful and lively like other websites, but it's direct and easy to navigate, making it user-friendly. Your visitors and potential clients will never have a hard time checking your stuff.

    -Masako Gun @ ChampionOnlineMarketing

  26. I can feel that you know what you’re doing to give your new website the attention it deserves. Promoting is not enough, you have to come up with cool and fun activities too to get people interested. Gearing up for a giveaway promo is a great start in establishing a good online presence.
    Marta Terry @ Canyon Marketing


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