19 November 2011

the day after

Well, our Trunk Show was a resounding success.  The ladies of Moda have a luxurious and ever so elegant shop to complement our wares and put out a lovely spread of munchies.  And so very cool that blog buddies and Etsy friends came and, even more wonderful, bought some treasures - heartfelt thanks to Diane and Jen and Anne and Vanessa and Pam and Catherine and everyone else that came to chat and braved the crazy parking and support our work.

Here's my set-up ...

I had the copper pipe already, then a blitz trip to AC Moore for pre-stretched canvas and plate stands, then the plumbing isle at Home Depot... I love the pluming and electrical isles ... a pipe cutter and some on-hand copper connections, some florists tape, a few layers of paint, some on-hand davey board stapled to the canvas backs and, voila', necklace and earring displays.  The flat pieces are from my craft show days - copper mesh over plywood.  I had several people complement me on my creative displays and it reminded me of a plan I had a while back to develop a display consulting side-line.  I love designing and making unusual props for jewelry and clothing ... may have to give that some more thought.  Feedback most welcome!

Cara and I sold exactly the same dollar amount of work, had time to chat with lots of wonderful women and a couple of interesting guys and even better, got to talk to each other and find out the common ground between is pretty astonishing.  The pic is kinda blurry, but this is Cara ....

So now, I've got to unpack and get to work on a wholesale order to ship on Monday, then clean house and get ready for our housesitter to move in and take care of little Zoe so's we can head to Nashville to pick up my brother and then head south to Baton Rouge for Thanksgiving with my whole family.  Lots to do!

Have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving.  I, for one, have so very much to be thankful for this year.

with deep gratitude and heartfelt blessings .........
l i g a - kvk


  1. I do wish we had been able to get up to your show. Love that copper pipe set up! It is also very good to hear that it was success, especially given how much work goes into this. I wish you safe travels and a wonderful holiday with your family. Indeed, I too feel there is so much to be grateful for in this year. Enjoy this special time set aside for gratitude.

  2. Thanks y'all! It was such a lovely event ... can't wait to do more!

  3. Happy THANKSGIVING . Blessings all over ya!

  4. You have such a knack for displaying things and creating visually interesting set-ups! If I had extra cash, I'd definitely hire you to come out and inject a little LIGA into the shop.

  5. Oof - still getting settled back in ... so sorry for the delay in responding.

    M - so nice to hear from you! Season's blessings rain down upon you as well!

    Andrew - Thanks! I would love to develop the consulting side at some point ... no idea how to go about it, but I do love it.


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