03 February 2012

feedback please ... techie ideas

So a friend and fan of my work suggested we do a Skype video conference of our trunk show.  I'm looking into it.  We could do a day pass on Skype that would allow 8 - 10 people on the call at a time.  There's another free one, Videoconference.com that has potential. 

Anybody out there have experience with this sort of thing?
Anybody interested in joining in?
Feedback, advice, help .... please!

the trunk show is a week from Sunday - yikes ... got's so much to do!

l i g a - kvk


  1. okay, i'll comment (for what that's worth) - the whole notion of taking art, tangible art, and streaming it into a technological approach, turns me off. i speak for myself, only. and i've been recently called an "isolated misanthropic artist" by a total stranger, so what do i know...
    let your jewelry speak for itself, i say....it is beautiful and can stand on its own x

  2. Thanks for the feedback … and yes, it’s something of a conundrum - personal, face to face connections, the tactile experience – hard to translate over the internet. We’ll see if anyone else is interested and if we can pull it off.


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