29 June 2012

summer blessings

It's going to be a hot one ... possibly 100 degrees ... a rare thing in this part of the world.  But I am blessed to live in a relatively new home with a/c and double pane windows and thick blinds to shut out the hot sun.

After a restless night, I woke up this morning very foggy, with a headache and feeling kind of blue.  I am blessed to have a good friend close by that I can drop in on for some much needed creative conversation and a jumbo cup of toddy coffee.

Before diving in to working on the Talismans, it all seemed very clear and straightforward.  Now that I'm in the middle of it, it feels kind of overwhelming ... that forest and the trees thing is in full swing.  This is where I make a concerted effort to not think about anything and just do the work that's calling my scrambled attention.  My efforts have been well rewarded.  I am blessed to create work that is well received and supported by a world-wide audience. 

"I Am Heart Centered" is going to California

"Truth Is One" is going to Japan

"I Am Awake" is headed to the U.K.

The new home for "I Am Grounded" will be in Washington state

I am blessed to have the desire and the skills and the hardware to create the business graphics I need when I need them.  I've spent the whole week working on Etsy listings ... not how I thought my week would go.  When several of the new Talismans sold right away I realized I had bits of graphics for the product info but nothing finished.  All of yesterday was consumed by designing a product info card for All One Talismans.  I was pretty close when I shut down the computer last night.  I did the final tweaking this morning and I'm quite pleased with the results!  The background image is actually a photo-shopped image of a globular star cluster ... one of those little details that no one else will realize, which I rather like.  I like having all the bits meaningful, makes for a much more cohesive whole.

 Blessings are raining down on this hot summer day.  May your day be equally blessed.

l i g a - kvk


  1. these are divine - because the purpose is pure and intentional... i love that you have them pulled into a cohesive collection - that gives them even more power than if they were alone... really fabulous, kathy... so happy i found you and get to hear about and see what you are working on, thinking about...

  2. You are on a roll! Stay with it!

  3. Your efforts are well rewarded indeed. Powerful work. Love the new pieces and appreciate you sharing your creative process.

  4. What a privilege to cover the world with your loveliness! Enjoyed seeing these pieces before they disappear from the public eye! The new owners will be thrilled!

  5. Thanks everyone ... feeling very blessed.


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