24 November 2012

waiting .......

............ to hear from my little brother, Rick.
Our beautiful nephew, Richie, is in the middle of a 5-6 hour brain surgery ... right now is about as early as we could expect any news. 
It's all happened so fast.  Rick called late Wednesday night.  He called while following the ambulance taking Richie to admit him to a neurological hospital in Dallas.  Richie had been having migraines and then started feeling nauseous and they took him to the emergency room.  It didn't take long for them to say, this boys going to the hospital.  He's been in ICU since then, but you'd never know it by looking at him.  The surgery was originally scheduled for the 29th, but they decided their was no reason to wait and moved it up to today ... so much better not to wait all week.

So on this weekend after Thanksgiving, I am so very aware of how thankful I am, how blessed and loved and supported I am and what a wonderful family I have ... so much love, so much light, so so very blessed.

This is an amazing young man ... loved by everyone with a truly extraordinary support group of friends and family.  I would be even more grateful if you would send love and prayers and light to Richie as his surgery continues in Dallas.


  1. Kathy - hold you and your family in my heart. and, sending thoughts of healing strength to your nephew - <3 Ramelle

  2. Oh goodness, how frightening! I pray for you and your family, and for those who are taking care of your nephew. We are indeed blessed to have such wonderful technology and caring medical staff when we need it. Hugs to you all.

  3. Prayers and thoughts for you all

  4. Thank you everyone ... he's back in his room and doing very well ... my family and I are deeply grateful for each of you holding Richie in your thoughts and prayers.

  5. what a handsome young man. So glad to hear he is recovering well.

    came across an extremely upbeat comment you left on another blog post and figured I'd stop by to see your blog :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Figure if it's not positive leave it be ... too much negativity ... I'm all about spreading the light!


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