04 December 2012

my voice ...

... and part of why I've not been posting so much.

Basically, I'm feeling like I've misplaced my voice.  I've gotten lost in the din of so many people pontificating and posturing ...

I'm super tapped in!
You should listen to me!
I've been there, really, I know! 

I've lost track of why I normally love writing this blog ... somewhere I started feeling like all I'm doing is contributing to the noise, scrabbling for my little piece of the pie.  Of course, when I step back and take a look at where I am and what I've really been doing, there's a pile of perfectly good reasons why I'm a wee bit off track.  

but still ...............
I want this to be a place where I share my inspiration, my journey, my process.  I don't want to get lost in any ideas that I'm more anything than someone else.  I am who I am.  I love sharing what I do.  If that resonates with someone else, I'm thrilled and humbled.  It occurs to me that I've written similar posts in the past ... this is a normal cycle ... I'll come out on the other side with a stronger, clearer voice ... doesn't make it any less annoying or unsettling right now.

This line from a Deepak Chopra article in the current issue of Origin Magazine was something of a revelation and might be helping to break up the log jam in my brain, "Awareness isn't passive.  It directly leads to action (or inaction).  As you take steps to expand your awareness, you will naturally find yourself harnessing your mind's infinite power to create greater health, happiness, and love in your life."

Hmmm, gots to get ready for my class call at 3 ........  so I'm thinking that's it for now. 

l i g a - kvk

p.s.  Richie's home and working on his recovery.  First order of business when he got home on Sunday was a trip to the Guitar Center ... music as medicine!  Thanks to everyone for holding Richie and our family in your thoughts and prayers.  We are enormously grateful.


  1. Hi Kathy, Just want to reach out to say you post resonates with me. I can't explane it that well but it has to do with your remark about posturing. There's no need for you to feel like that cause you are motivated in you centre. I love reading your blog,
    Take care,

  2. Remember that you're doing it for yourself the most.

    I think I was feeling the same too. I haven't written a blog post since January 5th of this year. I don't miss it. I haven't abandoned it but it looks like I have. I keep looking inside to see if I have anything to say. Sure, I have lots to say but it isn't important for me to be heard at the top of anyone else. I enjoy your blog when I read it. I love the pictures you post too. I never thought you ever acted or wrote like you thought you were better than anyone else. It was nice getting to meet you "in real life" at Artfest way back when. When you write, I see THAT nice person who came up to me and introduced herself. A moment in time that I will always remember.

  3. Thanks ladies! It's so bloody easy to get sucked into posturing, chest thumping mode ... seems to be more widely accepted. I just have to occasionally stop, regroup and quietly continue with my own little crusade ... being the best I can be, seeking my truth and speaking from my heart. That's really all there is.

    deep gratitude and heartfelt blessings ......

  4. I have never ever thought you were posturing or chest thumping in the 22ish years that I've known you. You have always been who you really are!


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