11 June 2013

btw ...

... and so's you know I've not gone totally off the deep end and that I'm still in maker mode ... here's a few more new pieces that are in that pick-box headed to Gallery Morada in the Keys.

a few pairs of earrings ...
textured orb ... elegant simplicity

iolite stilettos

And I've revisited a couple of designs ...
disc and link trio

5 link

and one of my favorite themes - the chain collage.  This time in russet.

And right when I was getting ready to box everything up and ship it off, one of my collectors in Australia called dibs on the Ocean Muse.  The color combination was so perfect for the keys, I had to make another version.  Luckily I still had a nice selection of interesting components to make this chunkier variation.

Epic Ocean Muse

Okay, that's it for now ... back to (re)assembling.
l i g a - kvk


  1. Ooh, love the necklace!! And the dangly earrings. You do such nice,wearable, INTERESTING pieces!!

  2. Thanks y'all! Planning to do MORE! Stay tuned. xoxo


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