18 November 2013

of gratitude, collaborations and grace

In my life, well in everyone's life, there are a couple of key players, game changers ... people we look to and can see how they've impacted our trajectory and very ways of being in the world.  Probably the most influential person in my life has been my older brother Gene (by seven years).  It started when I was very young.  I can remember when I was maybe six or seven, Gene giving me drawing lessons ... showing me the similarities between a human head and an egg, beginning a lifelong tutorial of helping me to see things differently. 

I watch and continually learn from my big brother through his heart centered interactions with people from all walks of life ... a genuine greeting for the clean-up guy in a fast food restaurant, working with prison inmates to give their lives more meaning and a spiritual direction, spirited dialogues with a millionaire businessman and ongoing out-of-the-box ideas for my own work.

Gene's path has been one filled with extensive study into the workings of the universe from the perspectives of both science and religion.  Along the way, he has been gifted with some profound insights and is passionate about sharing what he's learned.  He's created a website as the starting platform for expanding this conversation about what he sees as The Footprints of God

Gene's also a gifted musician and filmmaker.  After all his years of study and reflection and sharing his innovative ideas within a small circle, he's decided it's time to offer those ideas to a larger audience.  To that end, he's put together a proposal for a film and launched a Kickstarter fundraiser campaign ... which is what I'd like to present for your consideration.


Right now, our numbers are few and the challenge to fund our project seems daunting.  If this film trailer piques your curiosity and inspires you to want to see more, please consider making a contribution and sharing the links ... Kickstarter is an "all or nothing" deal, so please know that every dollar is vital.

Our lives continue to speed up and we are endlessly bombarded by fear mongers from the gloom and doom squads, people trying to convince us there are no miracles and no unifying life force.  But I know better ... everyday, if we know where to look, we're presented with compelling evidence ... this unifying force exists and rather than being on opposing sides, there is much common ground between science and religion.  I believe we are in the best of times to increase our understanding of how the universe works and expand this conversation.  Authors like Richard Dawkins speak for one side, I would like to help Gene contribute to the other.   

I can honestly say that during my especially dark high school years, by including me in his music and art, Gene pretty much saved my life.  I owe so much to my big brother and I'm always looking for little ways to show my gratitude.  For my small part, I've designed a medallion with the Footprints of God avatar which will be included in some of the Kickstarter premiums

This film is all about open arms, inclusion and spreading the grace and brilliant light of what's good in our world ...

... and Gene and I are deeply grateful for your consideration.

l i g a ... kvk       

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