15 April 2010

enormously precious

Okay - so I'm s'posed to be getting the rest of the new work onto Etsy but I keep getting distracted - stuff back to the library, groceries, catching up on replying to comments on this here blog (finally, yes!).  So for my next distraction I'm choosing to post a bit of silliness ....

My darling Zoe - this 'little' girl sure does love peanut butter.  Hard to do - holding the camera and the knife and trying not to move and getting Zoe all in the frame - there's a lot of her to get in the frame (I'm thinking she weighs in at about 16 pounds).

Yep, she's pretty cute.
Okay, I really do need to do something productive.
ttfn - kvk

p.s. anybody seen Men Who Stare at Goats - my new favorite movie.  Amazing thing - really funny movie and a good part of it is true.


  1. i think i love the phrase, "So for my next distraction...)! Its like a magic show, life like, lol.

    your cat looks ready to walk.
    give her a place at the table, a spoon fork knife and a napkin and she'll be tucking that napkin in her lovely neckline, etc.

    Blessings, and Thank you.
    Hope its as wonderful up there as it is down here, soft warm breeze and sunshine.

  2. Broadcasting from my studio on a spectacular spring day ... Lil Miss Zoe would like nothing better than to pull up a seat at the dinner table, she's especially fond of key lime pie with whipped cream.
    It's all about magic....


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