02 June 2010

I'm back, but........

am in the grips of a seriously nasty cold ... at least it waited till I was on the plane home.  So while I do some major doctoring, consume mass quantities of my de-gunk concoction and gather some energy to sort through the hundreds of photos, here's a couple of little old moi in heaven in Provence.

This was in Bonnieux - one of our favorite villages. 

 I got to do some beach combing along this rocky section of the  Mediterranean coast.  I'm thinking of doing a very limited edition of necklaces with some of the treasures I collected.
And yes, I did go swimming in the Mediterranean - it was butt cold and incredibly salty and absolutely wonderful!  I won't be sharing those pics.

So for now I'll say à bientôt!

blessings - kvk


  1. Wow. U look so happy. It is infectious.

    Hope u feel best soon. Big blessings.

  2. welcome home and glad you had a wonderful time. hope you feel better soon.

  3. hey! i've been thinking about you!! will wait patiently for pics of your trip... in the meantime, rest and take good care of yourself...

    love, love...

  4. Merci dear ones! Definitely on the mend, but now Dave's succumbed - wretched plane germs!
    Starting to plow through photos - curious to see what kind of stories emerge.

  5. Lynne - such cute little feets! Thinking of you as well, so much to catch up on ...... xxxxx


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