29 June 2010


It seems I've pretty much missed June and, come to think of it, a good part of May.  Well, I do have a pretty good excuse for missing the latter half of May.  I finally got back out for a walk at the Arboretum this morning and realized I completely missed the mountain laurel blooming and it looks like the rhodendrons are about done as well.  C'est la vie....

But what spurred this post is a brief respite from the heat has allowed me to finally open up the house and, joy of joy, the cicadas are here.  I've been locked up in dreadful air conditioning for weeks.  So this morning, with windows open, my background music is the carrying on of the crows in the trees outside my studio and the heavenly periodic roar of the cicadas.  I haven't had time to cruise my yard for them, but I'm pretty sure this is the local variety.  Such extraordinary little creatures.

The cicada chorus makes it not quite so hard to get back to work.  Hmmm, well, I'm not actually 'at work', but I'm getting closer.  Ah, but the only thing I like better than listening to cicadas is watching dragonflies, actually having a dragonfly land on my hand is better yet.  How can I not be inspired by dragonflies ... the colors and delicate wings and, oh I feel a new color combination coming on.......

And one of the real joys of being back in the south is fireflies.  So so sad, no lightening bugs in Port Townsend.  I'm looking forward to the cooler days of this week's forecast, windows open, listening to the cicadas, glimpses of dragonflies floating through my flower beds, sitting out on the front porch in the evening and watching the magical dance of the fireflies.  The joys of summer......

I love all the crazy places and things that provide inspiration.  Bugs, the glorious critters of summer in the south, who would have thought???

okay, off to work for this little peep
blessings - kvk

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