01 July 2010

random thoughts

I've been working on orders this morning, but keep stopping to write down all the thoughts that are popping into my head.  It started last night as I was hoping for sleep to come sooner than later.  Racing thoughts that actually started after an inspiring conversation with Lynne.

First there's my concept for a vision board of sorts ... I want to start with a large piece of muslin.  Stitch onto the muslin vertical panels of natural colored silk organza with intermittent rows stitched across each panel.  Slice across the panels to make pockets.  The pockets should be a variety of sizes, some big enough to hold 8 x 10 photos, some small to hold collected pebbles or other treasures.  Position tabs of copper mesh with grommets at the top for hanging.  Maybe use Lynne's rediscovered magnifying glass technique to burn patterns into the fabric, maybe hand stitch text or more patterns with matching cotton or silk thread ... I don't know what all, but it's killing me that I can't just drop everything and sew muslin.  I did buy the muslin, still need to buy some silk organza and, more importantly, I need to take my sewing machine in for a good cleaning.  In the meantime, I'm loving thinking about my 3-D vision board to be.

Second, I spend way too much time looking for inspiring and innovative websites and blogs on the internet.  I'm always looking looking looking for I don't know what.  As sleep remained at bay, it occurred to me that I need to create the website and blog that I can't find.  This morning I realized that this actually translates into, "be the change you wish to see in the world". 

There's a huge difference between hearing something, maybe understanding what I hear and having the feeling of a deep visceral knowing.  That's the shift, I will be the change I wish to see.  I can feel it, I know it.  So creating this illusive website or blog or building my 3-D vision board may not be world altering events, but it's feeling like an important KVK event is in the works. 

There will be changes.   I have a sense of the kind of images I need and want for a backdrop, so I'll be learning more about Photoshop.  I'll be sewing, maybe tweaking my jewels a bit, definitely I'll be following my gut and my nose.  The raw materials are being assembled; bits and pieces, odds and ends that call to me.  Maybe it's best that this new vision is not instantly falling into place.  There is more power in the prolonged and the sustained, a gathering of strength and resolve.

Onward .......

Ah, but I do have a couple of internet treasures to share .....

Ruth Tomlinson - I saw her incredible jewelry a couple of years ago at the NY Gift Show.  She's updated her site and has a ton of new work ... breathtaking!

And a newly discovered shop - Pergolina.  I have absolutely no need for this, but what a joy to see such inspired treasures for the home.  Actually, I could probably use the glasses........

So for now .......
sending my enormous gratitude to the universe and many blessings - kvk


  1. omg! this ring!!!

    been thinking about you a lot since our talk... wandering around doing a little of this and a little of that. some things burn easier than others. : ) i'm making my next muslin journal right now (waiting for one side of the pages to dry) and some copper is outside patina-ing. i'm spraying it with my salt, vinegar, miracle grow solution. my next stop in computer land is to write j.p. and ask her if this solution is toxic...

    i think you've hit on something with this 'be the change you want to see' realization. it HAS to be right.


  2. Hey Lynne - yep - that ring's a doosey! You can probably see my inspiration for that diamond pod cluster series and I don't know, but Miracle Grow seems pretty nasty. Feeling the changes and enjoying the ride.....


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