20 July 2010


oh and by the way ...

Happy Anniversary to me!  It was 30 years ago today.  I've had to start telling people that when we got married I was 6 instead of 12, you know an arranged marriage or something to that effect.  The reality is just very hard to comprehend.  Well except for the part where we know each other alarmingly well.

Of course our BIG celebration was our trip to Provence, but tonight I'm fixing a lovely dinner inspired by our trip - slow cooked roast with tiny new potatoes, sauteed green beans and a crusty baguette with herbed goat cheese with our favorite French champagne (Saint Hillaire) and some to be selected decadent dessert from Greenlife market - they really do have the best desserts - maybe pot de creme or dark chocolate truffles or creme brulee or some of each - oh my mouth's watering already.

Just doesn't seem possible. 
We are so very blessed. 


  1. happy anniversary, my friend... what a wonderful image this is.

    have a beautiful dinner sharing food, champagne and each other...


  2. Happy Anniversary to you both! Love the beautiful photo. Dinner sounds lovely, i would love some cold icy champagne.

    Blessings, and longevity (ha ha) to the union.

    thanks for your blessings of words


  3. What a fantastic photo! I am late to the party but wish you Congratulations still. I am having 25 this October 3rd.

    30 years is amazing!

  4. Thanks Catherine! Congratulations to you as well! These days, I figure anything past 10 is pretty amazing.


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