07 July 2010


'works in progress' ...
hard not to be inspired when surrounded by gorgeous gems and silk and fine silver.  The final pieces for a couple of orders going out today waiting to be tied onto earwires.

I'm itching to get all my orders out ... I've got a new book OTW (thank you Lynne for the recommendation!) on manipulating images via Photoshop Elements - it should be here today or tomorrow.  I've been taking pictures of things to use for textural overlays or backgrounds or I guess we'll just see, playing around with depth of field and soft focus or blurred or whatever I can do with my not-so-fancy camera.  Three of the juicy possibilities ...

So I'm dashing about and sneaking in this little post and getting ready to go back to work.
We headed back to the record store on Monday and discovered three more Jim White albums just waiting for us to snatch up, 2 used and 1 new - total investment for the entire Jim White catalog $27 - gotta like that.  Very different background for me, but I'm loving it.  When we get inspired by something new, we always dive in full force ... that means hitting the all libraries in town for DVD's and related books.  One library had both Wrong-Eyed Jesus and In the Realms of the Unreal - the Mystery of Henry Darger.  We watched the Henry Darger last night - amazing and strange.  If I finish up orders, I'm going out to a couple more libraries to stock up on all the outsider art books I can find.

Just following my instincts right now, remaining in observation mode and not trying to think too much, well except for that brief period where I'll engage my left brain and turn into shipping manager. 

blessings - kvk


  1. hey, i just got finished going through the previous post carefully to learn all i could. : ) the trailer for the 'wrong eyed jesus' movie wouldn't play, but i did put it in our netflix queue. so who did the art for the CD below? i LOVE it.

    outsider art... it moves me because it feels so freakin' real. it has power and is devoid of hype. it's just there. and it carries the message that ANYone can do art. anyone!! so that is empowering to say the least.

    still in a tailspin here creatively, but your posts have centered me considerably...

    love, love...

  2. Thanks Mama! lovin' them my own self....

    L - must see that movie! It's not a genuine documentary by any stretch, but fascinating stuff. I'm getting sidetracked with my new book - hopefully making my own crazy art. And WOW - really pleased that I can help anyone feel more centered, so very pleased. big smooches!

  3. p.s.
    Lynne - the artist on this Jim White album is Jason Holley http://jasonholley.com/index.html


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