28 August 2010

jumpin jive

lawd lawd I think I'm in love.
This morning on Weekend Edition ... Caravan Palace ... French Gypsy Swing Electronica ... absolutely impossible to sit still ... impossibly fun and incredibly infectious. 
Django and Benny's feet must be tappin' in heaven.

from my happy feet to yours
blessings - kvk


  1. wasn't that great? i heard it on the way back from our walk early this morning....
    loved being with you on friday!!! x

  2. magical Kathy! thanks so much! hope your world moves forward with all positive thoughts! :)

  3. Oh Yeah - such great music. Made for a fun day, first listening to them and then switching over to Django. Happy music is a good thing.
    And yes Nina, Friday was lovely.
    Jeane, thanks for stopping by - lots and lots of forward progress fueled by powerfully positive thoughts!
    xo - kvk


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