16 August 2010


I'm taking a few days off while Dave's mom is here and this is what hit my radar while getting the yard spruced up for her arrival ....

Almost immediately after buying our house we had to remove an enormous oak tree with a rotting base - it broke my heart to see that beautiful tree felled.  We gave away all the wood and only kept the wedge that was cut for the last 4 ton section to fall.  When the base was ground out, we were left with an equally enormous pile of mulch.  The mulch pile is dwindling and has turned into a lively little mushroom habitat - mother nature is so amazing ........

Such beautiful textures and shapes and subtle colors and in such a short time.  A extraordinary microcosm to ponder.

Tomorrow we're heading to Penland.  Really hoping for some new pots.  Oooooh, anticipation is delicious.

blessings - kvk

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  1. We mulched our hellebores and ended up getting out own little mushroom habitat. OH and in the woods, we have have oyster mushrooms growing. I'm too afraid to pick them myself, but the neighbors are going to go mushrooming and promised to bring me some back! I'm excited!


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