30 October 2010

a brief diversion ... what I'm loving today

Today I'm loving the audacity of Regina Dabdab's jewels seen via Robin Richman's blog ...

Which would look very cool with this from Share Spirit...
 or even more better with this from forme d'expression ...
while gazing at the almost surreal interiors of Aurelie Alvarez like this one ...

 or this one ...

 or maybe looking for inspiration and lovelies for my more mainstream homefront at I Gigi ...

scrumptious eye candy ... loving all of it.
okay, back to work for me.
ttfn - kvk


  1. regina dabdab is such a *lovely* name!!


  2. Love that shirt And i found some coal this summer just like that. Perhaps santa gives coal in our stockings for art. Hmmmm. You make me think diamonds out of coal. So gifted is yoyr heart.

    Have a fun Thanksgiving. Tomorrow is eight weeks till Christmas. I thank you.

    Blessings to your New year dreams.


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