06 October 2010

salvation on a spool

Oh my sweet relief ..................

The mail ran about 10 minutes after I finished the last post.  I peered out the window waiting ... it seemed to take forever, the scanning and sorting and whatever else my postal person had to do before stuffing the rather large priority mail parcel into my just big enough mail box.  She drove off and I immediately flew down the stairs and out the door, the enormous question looming ... would this be IT?


As the song goes, what a long strange trip its been.  My silk road ...

 To start with, small quantities of 3 colors and 2 sizes.  Strange as it sounds, my salvation is on a spool ... 

I was a bit worried at first - it was looking like that 'fuzzy problem' might be an issue.  Testing ensued.  Turns out if I wind it tight enough, there's barely any fuzz ... a huge sigh of relief escaped.  So the basic 3 colors are pretty good in person.  Sadly, there's no dark gray and their 'red' is more ruby.  I was hoping for a nice 'Chinese' red.  There's a dark blue that I'm leaning toward and not sure what else.  But for now, I'm a happy camper ... I have my silk.  Ah, I almost forgot ... the home of my salvation is in Bath, Maine - Halcyon Yarn.

Hallelujah!  Let the production begin!

with such enormous gratitude and many blessings - kvk


  1. lovely package of goodies.
    I have written three comments on two dif days and gotten bumped into hyper void... last visit i went to your etsy shop somehow, to the page where you like things--and fell in love with those lace up mocs, too. big drool.

    love the silver grey thread, sensual and elegant;

    on "my postal person" i laughed. Postal as in someone who goes nuts in odd random ways and times--so you gave me a large rise in joy there. Thank you.

    Blessings and grace to your time

  2. M - bloody computers! Glad you finally got the dern thing to work. And yep, my postal lady is a wee bit nuts, in a good way ... I think. And the silk ... turns out I'm going back to the Habu silk - more luster translates more elegant. It's just their English is a little rough.
    blessings - kvk


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