13 November 2010

auction for Andrew ... one day left!!!!!!

Okay, so there's one more day to bid on this sweet little Fairy Box for Andrew's mountain of medical bills.  So far, Lynn's my top bidder at $170.  I'm lovin' $170, but $200 would be most excellent!  Any takers?

The box is about 1 inch square and 2 inches tall, with a tiny piece of beach glass at the crest.  It's handbuilt by me from fine silver PMC.  The texture is from a volcanic rock and my fingerprints.   A really sweet little treasure for a super sweet human being.  

BTW - It will arrive wrapped in silk tucked into one of my special collaged copper boxes.

Thank you so much to my bidders.
blessings - kvk

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  1. This is Beautiful Sensual.

    Wanted to thank you. Generous heart. Wish u a happy Thanksgiving.


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