05 November 2010

homemade feng shui

Our house sits on a nice size lot, well for being in town it's a nice size ... just under a 1/4 acre.  Only thing, it is fairly steep and drops away from the house into a jumble of trees and vines and briers.  To me, it feels like the surrounding energy could very well be sliding down the hill and away and, in feng shui world, it's not an ideal situation.  The only 'cure' I'd found suggested shining a light on the back corner of the house - that would mean a four or five story lamp pole and was not going to happen.

The slope ...

This is the city and there's two enormous cell phone towers not far away and then there's the train crossing just down the hill that literally rattles me to my core, although I have finally gotten to where they don't wake me up at night.  To help with erratic city energy, I had already done a bit of perimeter securing with some 'e.m.f. bombs' (aka orgonite) that Lynne sent me last year.  Now enter Kathy Van Kleeck and her alternative feng shui cures.  So my feng shui idea for the sloping property issue was to put wind chimes in the trees along my boundary.  They're a standard cure for other things, why not sloping property?  I had hung some ceramic ones that I'd made back in my clay days, but they weren't fired high enough and sounded more like a clunk than a ching.  I was feeling the need for metal chimes with a nice ring.

A few months ago, I had seen some nice little chimes at the Arboretum gift shop.  On Wednesday, I took myself for an afternoon of tooling around and remembered about those little chimes.  These had gemstone themes and I bought three, one of each theme.  Getting home and unpacking them, the 'gemstones' looked to be dyed something, not awful, just not my taste.  They also had these really heavy stone pieces at the bottom and how they were supposed to blow around I have no idea.  Along with the cheesy gemstones, the supporting nylon was very thin.  Are you wondering why I bought them in the first place?  Well, they do have a lovely sound and I really only wanted the components anyway, so I set about doing some alterations.
I don't know what it is, but I love restringing wind chimes.
In progress ...

Ready to disperse some energy ...

I already like the idea of the new chimes and maybe that's a big part of it.  I'll let you know if I feel a change ...

sending out good energy and blessings - kvk

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