12 March 2012

urban primitive giveaway ... round 2

Wow!  lots of great feedback and suggestions sent me back to the editing suite.  I've made quite a few changes, so if you've got the time, I'd love to hear more! 

revised home page for KathyVanKleeck.com.........

And don't forget ... if you'll peruse the new site, look for glitches or corrections, then leave a comment on this blog, I'll plop your name in the hat for a chance to win this Urban Primitive Steel Portal Pendant.

So check out the new site, leave a comment here for the drawing on Friday the 16th.

You guys are great!  Thanks so much!

l i g a - kvk


  1. The header really looks great. Turning down the brightness really helped. The only page on your Collections section that seems awkward is Jeweled Silk, the photos of the bracelets just get kind of lost over to the right, I would add the last 3 photos of the necklaces to the 3 above it and bring the earrings and bracelets to the left and that should make it feel a bit more balanced. Sorry the graphics person in me just has to give input.

  2. Thanks Mary! That had been bugging me as well and I just hadn't decided what I wanted to do. I've moved things around a bit ... better. I've got no formal training in any of this, totally self-taught, so I always appreciate feedback.

  3. yes, yes!! my eyes are happy now! and i feel that there's a great 'flow' for those who are interested in purchasing a piece (or two or three).

    love you...

  4. Much much better!! Hey I do graphics and I am always challenged LOL!!

  5. I like the header photo MUCH better now. Love ALL of you jewelry!

  6. I know it is most helpful to offer suggestions for tweaking to make it even better, but the fact is, it seems flawless to me. I found it clean, easy to focus on the work itself, easy to navigate, a pleasurable experience. Your writing is as beautiful as your work. Even though you are on the other side of the continent, when I read your words and see your work so connected to nature, I feel as if we would be very good friends. (yes, I am a frequent blog visitor of yours) You often echo what is also in my heart. Your work is soulful and stunning.

  7. Love the font, and how the header looks clean, crisp and modern.

  8. Thanks for the feedback and kind words! Looks like it's okay ... been a couple of days since I've done any tweaking. Drawing on Friday!

  9. hi KatHy

    actually i really like the new site.
    its easy on the eye.
    easier to navigate.

    for me.. an average lover of KVK jewelery..always looking for another gem to add to my KVK collection..
    i found it fantastic to find what i was looking for which was a bit harder than the previous site..
    the price list was and is a bit hard.

    i personally like my prices with the item..
    so when i click onto a piece i get a better picture.. a description and a price..
    a lot less jumping from one page to the next..

    but overall.. i'd jump puddles to see your creations..

  10. I think the new site looks lovely! Very fresh!


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