27 April 2012

as of right now ...

... I still need to do a couple more tweaks on the Maker's Mark - maybe later today.  But I'm close ... darn close.

Earlier in the week, I made a good start into my assortment of Danielle books and workbooks and audios and videos.  For all this study and searching and for all these changes to be lasting and meaningful, I plan to work slow and deliberate and not blast through (my normal m.o.).  There's a lot of work ahead, enjoyable and inspiring and enlightening work ...... 

But when it got to Thursday, I had to pause and get back to working on jewelry.  I got my table cleared and my strategy laid out and then the power went out ... a rare thing around here.  I still managed to do a bit of work, but it was one of those dark and stormy afternoons and it kept getting darker, so I just gave in and sat on the front porch, reading a novel, watching the storm blow in with even more force - an even rarer thing.  It was evening before the power was back on ... so much for the afternoon's work. 

This morning I'm ready to go.  My worktable is cleared and the sun is pouring in ...

I've got a steaming mug of PG Tips (thanks to Hillary's advice) and just inhaled the last few crumbs of a maple pecan scone (so decadent).  I've cruised around Pinterest a bit (total addict) then a short stop by FaceBook and, when I saw how lovely my table looked, all empty and shiny and sunny, I decided to snap a few pics to share ... and THEN I'll sit down to work.

Plus, I've got a couple of recent additions to the "Aspiring Eccentric's Reading List" ... just in case I need to take a visual juice break once I sit back down to some real work ...

I donated to HandEye Magazine's IndieGoGo fundraiser and just received my premiums - two lovely issues.  This is such a gorgeous publication.  I was especially pleased to see articles by India Flint in both issues.  There's also a nice little article on-line about amulets and talismans.  I'm savoring these and pondering a subscription ...

I pre-ordered this a while back.  It got delayed and then ended up coming a week earlier than I was expecting, and it's every bit as sumptuous inside as the cover suggests.  The Natural Home is full of dark, rich, luscious greys and unbleached linen and delicious textures and way more 'stuff' than I'd ever be comfortable with, but makes for such enjoyable perusing.

And speaking of natural linen ... for all those fabric junkies out there - I found a site for all sorts of European linen, all kinds of widths and weights.  I'm particularly interested in the 120", 7.5oz. from Spain and the 120" lightweight scrim from Belgium - Celtic Linens.  And then there's silk scrim here, 54" wide in nice earthy colors.  Who knew?  No idea what I want to do with any of it, but it makes me ever so happy knowing it's there.

I'm enormously pleased with the progress I've made on my various websites.  I have no doubt I'll keep finding little things to change and update, but I'm finally feeling like I've got most of the dots connected and I'm closing in on having an on-line presence that feels fully congruent, lacking in pretense ... a hoity-toity free zone.

Before heading back to work, I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to comment on my last couple of posts and to welcome all the new members who've decided to follow this mining project of a blog.  I'm such a solitary creature and knowing my work and my words and images have an audience ... well, it really means the world to me. 

with deep gratitude and heartfelt blessings.
l i g a - kvk

p.s.  click here for a good time


  1. I'm with you on the PG Tips, lovin' your work and your blog just taking time to read through and savour.

    1. Trying to curb my intake ... luckily just found a store that sells the de-caf variety. Thanks so much for visiting and saying HI.

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  3. ahhh Kathy,
    i've just only discovered your work thru Pinterest and am totally mesmerized by the shapes, textures and color of it. your jewelry is so unique to you that now, whenever i go into Pinterest and see an image of your piece, i immediately know it's your creation without even looking at the credit!! amazing!!
    this post is delightfully contemplative ... sealed by that image of your work space with the well worn table top and sun streaming in. wouldn't i love to be able to own and create in a space like that! happy weekend to you!
    Luthien :)

  4. spent a month in Flagstaff AZ where they made the best almond scones... i still crave them NOW i am going to try to make some today. Thanks for reminding me to feed my love handles. lol


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