06 March 2013

inching towards effortless

Still tweaking and moving forwards with the new work. 

There was a call for work from a local organization, Handmade In America.  Submissions were due by yesterday at 5 and there was much dashing about on my part to get my 3 pieces finished, photographed and my application written up.  I figured it was a good opportunity for some exposure.  It's for a fashion shoot called Rustic Urban, so how could I not submit work?

I submitted three pieces - two new ones and one you might recognize.  I wanted to combine the eco-dyed silk from the other day into the new pieces.  I started with this bit of silk, dyed with red onion skins and black walnut ...

The colors were perfect to re-do this necklace from the other day.  This one was stiff and looked almost tortured into existence ...

Here's the final product with the new silk and a slightly different configuration.  Amazing what a bit of tweaking will do ...

Then I'd gotten this amazing lavender from soaking about 24 hours with black beans.  It's really different from the light grey of the other batch which had just soaked overnight. 

I combined this beautiful lavender silk with some super yummy amethyst crystal chunks and peacock freshwater pearls.  Who knew that black beans could produce such a gorgeous color?

The last piece I submitted is one of my all time faves ... the Lapis Mood Goddess Necklace.  I still love the look of the metal clay elements in this piece - straight from the kiln then plunked into a really strong liver of sulfur solution.  Can't wait to see how its 'personal patina' will develop.

I still have this wonderfully vibrant orange and olive green silk to work with  - dyed with yellow onion skins and black walnuts.

Plus I've got a nice selection of new components made up to keep me inspired ...

I'm toying with the idea of going off-line for a bit ... being pretty much addicted to this computer, it promises to be something of an experiment. 
If I do, everything will go into 'vacation mode'.  We'll see ...............

l i g a - kvk

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  1. Stunning work. Your new silk compliments your jewelry components perfectly. Love the soft/hard, fabric/metal contrasts. Will miss you if you take a break, but understand the time suck. Thanks for sharing your process.


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