01 March 2013


Kind of a mixed bag of results this afternoon ...
Really liking the look of the dyed seersucker silk ripped into slender ribbons.  These were dyed in the water with soaking black beans.  And I love this 'donut' component ... only made these five ... will definitely make more.  Still not sure what I'm going to do for a closure.

This piece feels effortless ...

This one not so much ...

Again, I love the components.  But the silk I'm using for the wrap is too stiff, making the whole piece very stiff.  Since I'm so in love with the other silk, I made a blitz trip down to the fabric store ... our house is really conveniently located ... fine fabrics a mile and a half one way, AC Moore and Hancocks a mile the other way - very handy.  I came straight home, chucked the silk into the wash and then tore off some to dye.

I've got three dye pots going.  One with just walnuts.  That one has silk and a small test piece of the Ukrainian linen.  Another one has two small bundles - one rolled up with yellow onion skins, the other with red onion skins - both wrapped with bailing wire.  I dropped one walnut in for just a bit - didn't want any white showing.  The third pot is a mason jar where I'm soaking black beans with silk at the bottom.    

So all those pots are simmering and soaking while I'm working out the logistical details of this piece.  I like all the elements - the silver links, pearls and crystals, the color palette - just not the assembly.   

Back to it for this little peep.
stay tuned .......
l i g a - kvk

p.s. Dave doesn't much care for the smell of simmering walnuts ... a bit too earthy for him ... I rather like it


  1. So beautiful! I just saw some FB posts from Mileu in Ferndale, your jewelry would fit so well there. Their customers can afford it, the dresses they've been posting are $400. I'm so intimidated by the price points I'm sort of afraid to go in there myself, either as a shopper or to try to show them my own jewelry. I don't know that what I make right now would be a good fit anyway, but yours would!!

    - Diane T from FB. ;)

    1. I know about Milieu ... thinking I'll add them to my to-do list. Thanks Diane!

  2. The first piece is absolutely beautiful. It looks like you would be wearing a dream! The second piece does look a little stiff but I am sure you will work it out. Who knew black beans could turn silk such a lovely color.

    1. I've reworked the pearl necklaces ... pics to follow sometime today. Wait til you see the new 'black bean' silk ... extraordinary!


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