27 May 2013

diving in

I had already made an appointment to work with Marilyn from Awaken to Grace.  I've been getting consistent messages from a variety of sources to dig deeper, shiver out a few more niggling bits.  So this week's horoscope via Free Will Astrology  made me smile ...

"Are you ready to go deeper, Sagittarius? In fact, would you be willing to go deeper and deeper and deeper? I foresee the possibility that you might benefit from diving in over your head. I suspect that the fear you feel as you dare to descend will be an acceptable trade-off for the educational thrills you will experience once you're way down below. The darkness you encounter will be fertile, not evil. It will energize you, not deplete you. And if you're worried that such a foray might feel claustrophobic, hear my prediction: In the long run it will enhance your freedom." 

We will Skype tomorrow at 11am.  I'll spend the morning in meditation and preparation for a completely new experience.  I'm going in with no expectations, no holds barred ... being as open as I possibly can.  I'm looking forward to maybe meeting a couple of my demons, shaking hands and getting to know them a wee bit.  

Wish me luck ........
l i g a - kvk

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