10 May 2013

minor rant

mid-day minor revelation ...

It occurs to me that those often heartrending Facebook posts challenging me to re-post something, "if I dare" or "if I have the courage" or "let's see who really cares" ... are a form of bullying and why I will not share or re-post any of them.

If the quality of my morals or the depth of compassion are to be judged, be direct and ask where I stand. The message should stand on its own merit; don't challenge me or bully me ... I will not participate.

love and light filled blessings to all the beautiful Moms ...
l i g a - kvk


  1. AGREE 100%- it really bothers me and I also never "comply". So there are at least 2 out of 10 million FB users who wanted to rant about it!

  2. Make that 3 out of 10 million.

  3. Make that 4. These messages are so annoying even though I just click right past them.

  4. Thanks y'all ... those posts are an affront and I wish they'd go away. Thanks for the support.
    l i g a

  5. An acquaintance of mine is sick...now someone started a fund raiser on Facebook for her, which is a mighty fine thing to do, but it posts your name and how much you gave... Again a subtle form of bullying and comparing and daring and challenging ... What kind of a good friend are you... Rather. Just have a fund.
    Same here...ok if I don't repost I am uncaring , shallow what else? I don't need other people to tell me I'm a bad person.

    1. Let sharing and donating come from love and compassion, no strings attached ... a true gift.

      I like the fundraisers where you can donate anonymously or at least have some privacy attached. Seems so many things are set up to compare and pit us against each other.

      Thanks for joining the conversation ... love and light


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