26 July 2013

finally ...

... back to working on what I'm hoping will be a revitalized wholesale collection.  It's been forever since I've had any such inclination.  Might help that it's a lovely sunny day, 73 degrees, nice breeze, ambient music to balance out the chain saws and house construction next door.  While a fresh cup of tea was steeping I gathered a few flowers for my worktable to place in this sweet little vase ... a precious gift from my beloved Port Townsend friend and mentor, Laura Popenoe. 

I'm enormously grateful for this quiet and productive morning as I contemplate what lies ahead later today ... we're heading over to our old stomping grounds, Bryson City for a birthday party and NOC reunion.  We were employed there and a part of that community for over 10 years and it's quite a mixed bag for me.  Not always the happiest of times or the best memories and I'm hoping to put a few demons to rest.  Wish me luck ...

l i g a - kvk

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