16 July 2013

semantics and imagery

At first it seemed like a huge wall, a dam with floodgates, calm and brilliant on one side, dark anticipation on my side ... borderline terror when thinking of opening the gates and releasing the torrent, being consumed, drowning in the unknown.  Something like this ...

But the vision has evolved.  Not so much a vast dam, more a smaller sluice gate.  Holes had started to show up, a small breach, a gentle release rather than the all-consuming torrent.  Yesterday the gates began to soften.  Today, I reached in and opened the gate.  Instead of being met with an intense wave, the brilliant pool of prismatic light moved slowly, a thick viscous liquid - like flowing mercury or lava - but crystalline.

Currently, it's flowing through me and surrounding me ... a gentle, loving and supportive embrace, all consuming, uplifting and joyous.  More like this ...
... lovely.

l i g a - kvk


  1. Thank you for this beautiful image of release and healing. May you continue to be healed in mind, body and spiriit...


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