20 April 2011

call to arms

Hmmmm, maybe it should be call to, I don't know - gratitude or human kindness or equanimity.  Jonathan Field's current post examines this and it's an ongoing challenge for me and a lot of people I know ... how to operate a forward thinking, successful and heart based business in this world where the mean-spirited and underhanded is celebrated and emulated and held up to be the standard mode of operation.

I had lunch with the Thorntons today, Cynthia and Andrew, and of course we got around to talking business.  We've all been in the biz for a good while and got to swapping a few horror stories.  Lord mercy, the things we've seen.  Those stories got me to thinking - Why does it seem like the trend is towards the dark side?  That Darth Vadar has the upper hand and Obi Wan and Yoda are struggling.  Am I wrong or missing something?  Now, I have no delusions that the world will ever be all good or all bad.  I guess my main hope is that we might find our way to some kind of balance, no not balance.  I'd like to see it weighted towards the light, towards that equanimity.

So here's the challenge ...
  -  How can we shift the balance from dark to light?  
  -  Anyone have suggestions for new paths to blaze in the world of heart centered business?
  -  Anyone have ideas for subversive techniques?  For instance, I think the proliferation of yoga classes is an excellent subversive technique.  A good, solid yoga practice first changes you physically, but it ever so slowly changes you emotionally and spiritually ... very very sneaky that way.
  -  How do you stay focused, awake and aware?
  -  How do you avoid the intoxicating and alluring world of gossip and reality TV or would-be snarky friends - you know those black-hole people that live in a dreadful mean vacuum and want to suck you down with them?
  -  Can we be straightforward in our approach or does it call for being sneaky?  Hmmm, probably a combination.

Inquiring minds (me in particular) want to know!

I firmly believe in and make every effort to operate from a place of deep love and gratitude.  That's what I want to share, that's what I want people to feel about my work, that's really the only reason to do anything - spread the light.

One more thought - viral gratitude?

Wanna join the party?  Yeah, buddy - jump in ... the water's grand!

with deep gratitude and multitudes of blessings - kvk

p.s.  don't forget - these guys are doing it - the Daily Good: News that Inspires
p.p.s.  thanks to Cynthia and Andrew for the exceptional meal and inspiring conversation


  1. You know, I don't think that the good gets enough credit. Sure there are plenty of horror stories, but there are also (maybe less talked about) positive acts of kindness and generosity. I am standing proof of the good will of our community – without the support of so many wonderful people, I'd be up to my eyeballs in medical debt. The community really rallied to my aid and for that, I'm eternally grateful!

    But I agree... we should all be mindful of spreading the good and positive. Our small actions can manifest into something monumental.

  2. Yes indeed Andrew - you could be our poster person! Whaddaya think?
    You are right, though. Your recent medical challenge is a perfect example of how amazing and generous people can be. The boorish tend to make more noise and I can get distracted. Back to my Star Wars analogy, "stay on target."
    This will be me spreading the positive - that golden sweet honey of life .......

  3. Oh, I don't know about that. Although I may be an example, I definitely wouldn't want to be a poster boy. Perhaps we could make a banner or a digital image to share and spread with a symbol or mantra?

  4. I absolutely love the idea of viral gratitude! But I think maybe you have hit on a key to this. Remember the old saying of teaching by example? I find it very hard to resist people who live a life of gratitude, seeking the lighter side of small moments. I find myself changing almost by osmosis when I have the good fortune to be surrounded by all the collective positivity.

  5. Good Morning,
    We must all be feeling the same way, I posted something along these same lines early this morning.
    In my quest to not get "sucked" into the bitterness, mean sprited game some people play... I am starting out simply. I set a time limit as to how much "local, national and world" news I listen to daily.... I am putting distance between myself and negative people.... I am sure you know THE ones... everything is wrong in there world... then they attack yours! I have also realized that to just share kindness and pass it on... It must start with me... One person can make a difference... because it leads to fantastic post and discussions like this... Thank you>>> I am not sure how people become so mean... We dont start out that way... and my number one question... How can people (not all) but some... practice their religion and get up and go to work the next day... and act the way they do????

  6. came over last night, half dreamy and silent. I didn't see a darkness, except that America is in financial trouble and food and small stuff is rising while the rich have sucked so much money out of the economy for their little pile of self worth and lack.

    don't watch tv much. helps clean.
    nature, helps clean.
    watch thoughts judgement, let go is a big whoopie!

    staying heart centered, sounds too easy--but once you begin asking for these things your post asks, you are already in the light so to speak, being it, so that alone shifts all. What exists but what we focus on in the end!

    Blessings and Joy and "may the Force be with you" Power over all power!

    ps good to see JF over here too! It is so powerful .

  7. Wow! It is so gratifying to look up and see comments and links that are filled with light and positive energy. Thank you everyone!

    I really like the idea of a banner or icon that can be used to spread these ideas and intentions. I am definitely going to work on that straight away!

    I'm thinking that it does start with the eyes, where my gaze lands. What I take in through my eyes tends to go straight to my heart, so I am very careful about my viewing choices.

    So, it is about focus and keeping a brilliant beam shining to pass on the good stuff. And this conversation is populating the quantum field, spreading it even further.

  8. I am not a very vocal or visual person usually. Someone you wouldn't notice. But in beginning my day, my daily meditation ends with, " bless all who come near me today". I find it impossible to maintain anything but love and forgiveness if I keep this in mind throughout my day.

  9. Dear Kathy - Your blessing is perfect and thank you so much for taking the time to share it here. I sense rather than 'not very vocal or visual', quiet and introspective, which makes me even more grateful that you shared your thoughts here.
    And I am taking notice and sending gentle blessings and gratitude.

  10. My method of working toward these goals is to see kindness as a response to just about everything, and to let others know of the gratitude I feel. A transaction at lunch today made me angry. If I call the person's boss, in this particular situation that's not likely to be productive. So I will continue to focus on finding an opportunity to go completely out of my way to do something kind for someone, anonymously if possible. I have even thought about keeping a journal about these kindnesses. One could use them to avenge small slights like today's; or one could, for example, enter the names of everyone killed in the 9/11 tragedy, and write down what kindness one has performed to avenge each person's death. I have learned that the ONLY thing that helps dissolve my anger, is to perform a kindness specifically to be an answer to it.

    My elderly mother recently had a very dangerous surgery. There was no choice, really, since she was likely to become paralyzed without it. I made it a point to respond to fretting, worrying family members and friends with a reminder that 25 years ago, nothing could have been done for her, and that we are so fortunate that she can be helped. Sharing that thought process has palpably calmed many people down.

    In other words: wherever you want to see others go, lead them there.

  11. Reality TV just makes me want to vomit and I'm vowing to stop watching TV news. All of this negativity puts my brain into OMG overload. Kindness to and appreciation of each other is what we need to focus on now. Thanks for getting this started, Kathy!

  12. Jenny and Zoe - thank you for your thoughtful and inspiring comments!

    Jenny, I look back at how angry I used to get and marvel at how it seems to have dissolved. Not saying I don't ever get angry, but something has definitely softened within; it feels downright miraculous. Now I look at those encounters as gifts and good information.

    An act of kindness, a smile, a silent blessing, is a gentle acknowledgement of another human being and a powerful force to be reckoned with.

    I'm definitely feeling the energy and am ever so grateful for all the site visits and comments.

    heartfelt blessings - kvk


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