22 April 2011

seeking recruits

I'm thinking of calling my new army, the "Third Millennium Light Brigade".  Not nailed in stone, but for a working title, I'm kind of liking the idea.
Whaddaya think?
Any thoughts?
Wanna join?
Guess I best get to work on our crest and coat of arms.

blessings - kvk


  1. Hello, long time follower-first time commenter Sandi, here. I have no idea "what" the "Third Millennium Light Brigade" is, but after having read this post last week, I found myself coming back to it today and want to join. Blindly. Is that smart -- who knows. I let my heart guide me a lot of the time.


  2. Hi Sandi - Wow, that makes 3 of us ... You and me and Zoe (http://www.zoenelsonartwear.blogspot.com/)!

    And basically, I'm working on figuring out what the Third Millennium Light Brigade would like to be. I'm thinking it's about choosing positive over mean spirited, celebrating good work and efforts in every part of our lives, the golden rule and viral gratitude - then sharing this passion and spreading the word.

    What is isn't - is fighting against anything. "What you resist persists" or in Borg speak, "resistance is futile". Celebrating and uplifting, moving lovingly forward guided by our hearts - yes, absolutely.

    Welcome and pass it on!
    blessings - kvk

    p.s. I think I'll add a sidebar for member's sites

  3. Count me in!!! I'm all about the golden rule, both online and irl. I'm going to go add Zoe to my followed blogs.


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