25 April 2011

the third millennium light brigade

So I came up with the Third Millennium Light Brigade idea on Friday. 
Then after posting a response to a comment on seeking recruits , it seemed like it deserves a post of its own ...
I think we've got some potential here.  If nothing else, we've got a conversation going  ... our thoughts and words have enormous power. 

My original comment, "I'm working on figuring out what the Third Millennium Light Brigade would like to be. I'm thinking it's about choosing positive over mean spirited, celebrating good work and efforts in every part of our lives, the golden rule and viral gratitude - then sharing this passion and spreading the word.

What is isn't - is fighting against anything. "What you resist persists" or in Borg speak, "resistance is futile". Celebrating and uplifting, moving lovingly forward guided by our hearts - yes, absolutely.

Defining a thing is very limiting and so I think it's also going to be a user defined interface; an exact description will prove next to impossible.  So far (since last Wednesday anyway), it seems like a good addition to my mindfulness toolbox.  If I'm putting this out there for everyone to see, it will help keep me 'honest' and maybe less likely to succumb to the dark side.  It's having an effect already.  I don't watch much regular TV, but I'm a lot less interested in watching Jon Stewart, I'm watching my words and thoughts more and looking for ways to make my life more congruent, having a smile at the ready and if I don't give money to the buskers, I send them a silent blessing and wish them well.  Oh yes ... joyous anticipation, I want to look forward to each day with joyous anticipation.  Not a polly anna approach to life, but acknowledging and embracing the ebb and flow, the good and bad.

That's where I am right now. 
It feels pretty good.
Any thoughts?
You know, inquiring minds and all that ....

with deep gratitude and blessings - kvk


  1. o, what is a "busker" ?
    ok... "army" i can't join one of those! LOL

    I belonged to a group like this in Boston, and it marked me forever. Big power powow. :) We are dispersed all over the world now, multiplied . The energy of it all, the power of those kinds of people joining together also brings a powerful shadow side, and that (i believe) is like a magic force in the mix that brings sludge up in the alchemist pots of all the individual selves, and honey is grown among the power struggles.

    if that makes a sense

    this army, its really already "out there" this army is working hard isn't it, all over creation.
    'You already belong to it!

    I think. ')
    I am thinking of resting from the internet a bit while summer is here but not too hot.

    blessings to you In Everything

    >Word V...


    ha ha

  2. Ahhhh M, I always appreciate your perspective and, yes, it all makes perfect sense.

    Since I launched into my mini tirade, I've been considering all the permutations and directions it might go. I thought about the 'power monger/dark side' part this afternoon and that 'the basis for this would-be army actually already exists in the hearts and minds of a formless multitude', pretty much straight away. One thing I know for sure, I'm definitely not turning into a chest banging radical intent on reigning supreme.

    The conundrum is I am usually the last person to join a group, have a strong dislike for clubs and, lord mercy, why I remain on FaceBook is an absolute mystery. I've wondered about my motivations and it seems likely that it's all about this - generating conversation.

    Maybe I just need to design an icon or symbol to place here and there, a gentle reminder of my commitment ... I like having reminders and symbols are an important part of my work. Whatever this is or wherever it goes, ultimately it should be about loving support and gentle forward progress - gentleness, you know that one well :). Okay, that's enough for now.

    'Buskers' are the musicians playing for tips in front of the grocery store or on the corner next to the bookstore.

    I've thought about taking an internet break, but it's become an important part of my business and income - which I hesitate to turn off, maybe a short vacation later this summer.

    The word v is too funny. Elite I am not.

    thank you again - many blessings to you as well.

  3. Your writings are very motivational... I think you bring alot of positive energy to your post... Positive change is all I think most people want and need. Good Kind conversation... the kind that is deep and personal.. a place to belong.Thank you.
    Have a wonderful day!

  4. yes. what i mean is
    strongly spiritual hearted people gathering is an amazing opportunity for transformation!

    if you feel drawn towards it, do it.
    Ashville is loaded with spiritual groups too.

  5. Thanks FFD! yep, all about good conversation.

    M - for some reason, re-reading your first comment made me think of the beauty of a rough hewn pot - the rich beauty of flaws and pockmarks and gouges, all together creating an object of raw and exquisite beauty .... looks like I'm a wabi sabi person in everything, spirituality as well as work.

    But groups ... I'll email anybody, call maybe, face time - kind of unlikely. What can I say, I'm a hermit.

    ttfn - kvk


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