26 May 2011

once upon a time .........

Ready for your afternoon chuckle?
I found a bit of treasure while at my brother's house last week ... thought I'd share.  It's pretty amazing what can happen in 3 years.  Case in point:

KVK @ 13 - scary, very very scary ... scary glasses, scary hair, my vaccination still a large scar.  Dave commented when he first saw this picture, "well at least you grew into your nose."  Thanks dear.

and 3 years later ... KVK @ 16.  My big brother and me - January 1972.  Clowning around and being enormously silly.
Funny what 3 years, new glasses and a couple bottles of Sun-In will do for a girl!

Okay, that's it for reminiscing.
I've been a busy girl today - fired sterling pmc is in the tumbler, new fine silver pmc Talisman Medallions are in the kiln, fast-fire bronze versions in the works.  
More show and tell in the next day or so.

blessings - kvk


  1. hi katHy

    what fab pictures.
    memories of youth... aahh!! bring such joy.
    what a stunner too may i say.

    can i also say that i just love your blog links.
    they are definately the best by far.

    i consume so many hours just going through them..



  2. oh! i LOVE the pics of you and your brother!! and the other one too... : )

    sun-in! haven't thought about that in a long time!

    big smooches my friend...

  3. Great pictures! Thank you for sharing! So weird that those pictures of you as a young woman could pass for ones taken yesterday in Brooklyn. You'd be one fashionable miss!

    And what do you think about the new fast fire bronze clay? I've had it dry out a lot and get crumbly super fast. I've done experiments with mixing it with regular bronzeclay, but still need to tweak it.

  4. Thanks caRol! I do love cruising for new treasures to share.

    Lynnie! I've missed you darling friend. Yep, good ol' SunIn - fancy peroxide in a yellow bottle - the only reason I liked mowing the yard, spray it on and soak up some rays.

    Howdy Andrew - Yep, always been ahead of my time ;). I've got my first quickie bronze in the kiln now. Turns out I had conflicting instructions and the first test piece was underfired by an hour - just decided to ditch testing and threw another couple pieces in to re-fire - I'll let you know.

  5. You and your brother are so full of character! Thank you for sharing these with us!


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