17 May 2011

out of time

I do like the idea of that ... out of time.  So many connotations - this time I'm just going for the straightforward one ... I just ran out of time.  I was hoping to get a few things up on Etsy before heading over to Nashville for a couple of days.  Alas, not to be.  But here's a tiny preview of things to come ...

I might sell some of the components just by themselves so they can be added to other necklaces and I'll probably put together a couple of finished pieces.  I did get the sapphire bar necklace listed ... remember it from the other day's post?

I'm doing this on the fly as I'm s'posed to be packing.  It's hard though ... Dave's got a David Byrne dvd rocking downstairs and I keep running down to find out what song that is and dancing around and golly, it's just hard to focus on what your s'posed to be doing when you've got David Byrne for background music.  I do love this one - this must have been filmed about the same time as the Union Chapel film - same musician lineup - so so good.....

Okay, back to work and off to Music City on the morrow.
blessings - kvk

p.s.  if there's any of the components you're interested in just by they ownselves, let me know and I'll put them aside


  1. these elements are gorgeous.

    i could just see a few of them together on a wonderful silver ball necklace... absolute jewellery heaven...

  2. caRol - Thanks! The whole thing with the components is to have fun! Switching and swapping and mixing it up and I think they all look great together, but then I'm not particularly objective.

  3. Working my way through favorite blogs, in reverse chronological order... Love the idea of selling individual charms for adding to existing necklaces. Oh, and I'm so with you on David Byrne. Saw him a few years ago in Asheville and I couldn't stay in my seat.


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