31 May 2011

further designing adventures

In between a bit of deck sanding ... I ended up sort of wimping out - I'm just not as acclimated to the heat as Dave is ... and weekend chores, I got some work done in the studio.  I think I'm finished with the Angel Wing pendant. 

I decided to nix the gemstones and beads, but still wanted to do multiple strands of something.  Hillary suggested multiple chains like I used in the Repetition Sapphires necklace.  I agreed and felt like some of it needed to be silver but still liked the look and idea of the linen - I don't know, angels and raw linen just seem to go together.  I decided to go in that direction with a twist - literally.  Here are the components I decided to use ...

I've got two different sizes of sterling links and two different sizes of linen cord.  I did kind of a random threading of the linen through the links so it is more securely integrated.  I added a 9" double strand of the smaller link chain with the same linen treatment at the base of the 36" larger link chain.  I waxed a lighter weight linen to wrap and secure the three chains together.  I used the same waxed linen to secure the linen cord at the clasp.  I'm really liking the mix.  See what you think ......

I'm going to continue working with this component and think it will be an excellent addition to the KVK Luxe collection.  But for now, the finished piece which I'm planning to list on Etsy in the next day or so ....

I've also been continuing to work on the Talisman Elements series and have finally decided on a big big component.  I've been trying to come up with a blessing that would be sort of all encompassing, that would work on any of the necklaces and, by jove, I think I've finally got it ... Love, Infinite Grace, Abundance.  Written on silk with a mustard seed tucked inside, the intention is to, "have faith and know that you are always surrounded by love, infinite grace and abundance."  I can use the initials LIGA as well.  This came to me yesterday.  I've googled the word combination and the initials and haven't found any conflicting sources or weird associations.  So, I've already put my new blessing into action.  Here's four new necklaces from the Medallions collection awaiting the final touch ...

The ribbon is vintage French silk that Nina gave me years ago.  I've dyed it a dark mossy brown; the blessing is written with a sharpie, the mustard seed is tucked inside, then the ribbon blessing is wrapped around the chain and secured with a wrap of waxed copper silk thread.   I do love waxing the threads, probably because the block of beeswax I use is an antique - it belonged to my grandfather from his days as a shoe repairman.  One of the things I love about this ribbon is one side dyes lighter than the other, so even though it's hidden within, the blessing shows up nicely.  The finished wraps ...

I'll be listing these on Etsy as well along with individual medallions and Talilsman Elements.  The idea is that as we grow and evolve, as our needs and inspirations change, our Talismans can change with us.  Also, I'll be making more of the little pinch bowls to use as a home for the Elements.  

Hmmmmm, looks like I've got a lot to do.  And of course a girl needs a cool beverage to refresh her on these screaming hot days.  My new favorite concoction for the summer - Hibiscus Ginger tea with mint and lime - oh my ....... so very yummy.  I started with two kinds of herbal tea - there's my favorite color combination again - ruby and ochre.

Add a few drops of stevia to sweeten it up.  Smush some fresh mint and squeeze some lime in the bottom of a glass, add gobs of ice et voila, a sugar and caffeine free glass of summer dee-light.

Well, like I was saying - this girl's got lots to do ...
So for now - LIGA ... love, infinite grace and abundance - kvk


  1. the angel wing necklace is PERFECTION now!!! xoxo

  2. Kathy,
    The angle wing is so perfect! I want one : )

    Could you add your new Infinite Grace blessing to this piece?

    Let's talk.

    You are one busy and inspired girl.

    x/ Hillary

  3. Yeah! It is a special piece for sure! xxx


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