02 June 2011


Okay, so I got a little sidetracked this morning.  I'm supposed to be taking pictures and listing new work, but I popped over to Hiro Boga's blog and got absorbed in responding to her giveaway,  http://bit.ly/getyourheartsdesire

Here's my contribution:

For 15 years, I’ve been in the business of making ‘stuff’, beautiful and well-crafted stuff, but stuff nonetheless.  2008 saw the beginning of a shift in my work which led to my spiritual coming out party, the debut of my Talismans for Fellow Travelers series.  That spirit infused work has continued but it’s not been the bread and butter work. 

The economic slowdown has given me the time to rethink and refocus my business priorities.  What started as a series of seven themed pendants is now growing into a fully realized body of work.  I’m still making the b.n.b. work, but my heart and mind is consumed with this new direction.  My intention is that a Talisman might start a conversation, create an opportunity to share an intention, a prayer or belief, spreading the love and spirit behind the piece, creating a spiritual chain reaction. 

I make jewelry and I blog with the awareness that one person really can make a difference and to “be the change I wish to see in the world.”  I have three foundation words - congruent, gentle, loving  - which I apply to my marriage, how I interact with friends, family and strangers, how I buy and prepare my food, organize and decorate my home and especially, how I operate my business. 

The blessing I include on each Talisman and the message I want to share is to have faith, you are surrounded by love, infinite grace and abundance.   Expanding the Talismans feels like the missing piece in making my life and business more fully congruent and promises to take my business to unknown and exhilarating heights. 

A joyous leap of faith.     

Okay, I'm better now.  Back to the day's work.
LIGA - kvk


  1. Your clarity of purpose is very inspiring to me. Thank you for boldly stating your hearts deepest desires in change.

  2. Thanks Shannon! I'm amazed that it took me 2 hours to write, but it was a great exercise.

  3. Your talismans are both beautiful and inspirational, Kathy, as are your words of intention. What I particularly love about the talismans is what you allude to when you say that they can be conversation starters and create spiritual chain reactions: they make connections between and among people. And they do it through art and positive energy. That's a pretty powerful combination.

  4. C - thanks for pointing my own words back to me. I printed this out so's I won't forget! It's a wonderful direction to be pursuing. xo


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