26 June 2011

pattern recognition

Much of my work is based on the repetition of form - my stitched coins, stacks of discs, cairns, pickets.  Which is only natural as it's a long held obsession of mine - collecting objects, both natural and man made, that embrace my passion for repetition.  I've been thinking about this for awhile and thought I'd take a short break from my Etsy work and share some of my collection and thoughts.

It seems so much of my collection is in the form of shells.  
I love that there is great precision in patterns placed by the creator.

Exquisite perfection ...

But equally compelling are the random more chaotic patterns created in the decay ...

Within the precise creation pattern exists the chaotic decaying pattern ...

And of course we humans are ever driven to emulate nature's perfection and chaos ...

Here, I've laid down relatively precise dots of pmc slip on a thin black clay slab.  The metal clay is over fired and starts to curl into mercury like balls of fine silver ... the section with the broad brush strokes has reverted back to it's preferred pattern of chaos.

Chaos leads to form to repetition to pattern recognition to decay and back to chaos ... perfection.

l i g a - kvk

p.s.  paper and fiber artwork by Lynne
p.p.s.  one of my favorite books is all about repetition of pattern - the Elements of Design


  1. these pics are fabulous, my friend... xoxo

  2. yeah - I knew you'd like them ... The "dot sisters" - that would be us!

  3. Spots and dots and seashells...what's not to love? Wonderful images - I really found this quite inspiring.

  4. Thanks Glitz - always appreciated!


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