24 June 2011

oooohhhh .... ahhhhhh ..... pretties

In the midst of everything that I've been supposed to be doing and actually have been doing ... wholesale orders are out the door, but the scary pile of debit receipts and the checkbook balancing and housecleaning will have to wait for another day or so... I managed to squeeze in some extracurricular projects.  I mean, I was in production mode and I did have to fire the kiln several times, so why not throw in a few fun things.

Like reworking some pieces for Etsy.  I added the l i g a blessing to the Starry Night Cross, really just needed it, I changed the green garnet in one piece from that same post to a lovely translucent green amethyst, I've made several of the listed components into finished pieces, just had to do it and put together a few more pieces with components that I've had for a while and I finished this absolutely gorgeous piece.  I really really love this necklace.  It's 36" long and uses four lengths of tiny rolo chain with green amethyst and moss aquamarine.

The Sea Goddess necklace .........

Here's a closeup of the silver shell pieces - these are sterling silver pmc and very thin ....

I'll be listing and re-listing a bunch of stuff and updating Etsy this weekend.  Here's a preview ....

And then for something completely different ... I had some pieces of beach glass that I had drilled ages ago.  They've been sitting in one of my bowls of rocks and glass and I just had to make pendants out of them.
The really great thing is plain old white glass like this .......

...... gets fumed by the silver and changes color - like this ..........

After tumbling and oxidizing, they are absolutely transformed ........

More often than not, you have no idea what the source glass is, so it's always a surprise as to how the glass will change color.  This batch was especially exciting - I got two pieces that turned kind of a peach color.  White has always gone amber, so the peachy color was a nifty surprise.  Amazing, but I don't think I've ever seen anyone else doing this - pmc wrapped beach glass - can't imagine why.  The finished pieces are just so bloody cool!

Okay, time to get dinner on the table ... taco Friday with anasazi beans that have been cooking all afternoon!  yummmm!

l i g a - kvk


  1. Oh, stars, those silver wrapped pieces of beach glass are stunning. I would just love to cradle them in my hands and touch the textures. Brilliant and no, I've never seen anything like them.

  2. Your transformed pieces of sea glass seem a little like a metaphor for trust. You throw them in, not entirely sure how they'll turn out (the pmc wrapping is gorgeous with them!), and then you get this fabulous transformation. Would that life were always like that.

  3. I've got to pick your brain about embedding stuff. I've got loads of material and would love to make some Alexis Bittars-esque stuff, but don't want to waste anything if I'm going to over-fire it or under-fire it.

  4. These pieces really are gorgeous! I want to touch them. You must get lots of beach glass? We hardly ever see it where I live, though I have found remote beaches off the coast of a large city whilst kayaking here in New Zealand.
    Your work is lovely.

  5. Yeah, I knew that beach glass would be a hit ... I've got a shoebox full of white and not so much of a few other colors - all from 'north beach' in Port Townsend, WA - a very long ways from where I now reside in North Carolina.

    Firing anything in a kiln is always a surprise - one of the things I truly love about what I do. I'll see what the response is like, but I'll probably be doing a lot more of the beach glass components. Having more fun with my work is a big goal right now. Plus, I've got a new flex-shaft drill OTW - woo hoo! Although I might want to get a drill press if I'm going to be drilling a lot of stuff.

    And Andrew, give me a holler about embedding stuff - another favorite thing. There's a fair amount of info out there, but surprisingly little interesting work - just my opinion.

  6. Wow. Count me in. I can't wait to see them for sale!


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