31 October 2011

contemplation, writing + ruby & ochre continued

Lots to think about these last couple of weeks.  Things in the works, new friends, new directions.  Some things changing, some remaining steadfast. 

My setting to work on Danielle's Authentic Dreaming Worksheet ... contemplating: "why do I want what I want" and "dreaming extreme"......

Welcoming guests for a five day stay ... an exercise in faith.

And being in a pensive mood, sharing my growing collection of ruby and ochre images ..........

Heading back to a quiet day in the studio...........
l i g a - kvk

p.s.  special thanks to all who've responded to the call for volunteers!


  1. I think that end of October and November are prime times for contemplation. Something about the end of the green season and beginning of the dark season. I recently had a Wiccan explain to me that Samhain is the celebration of bringing light forth from darkness, of putting to rest those parts of you that are no longer light. That somehow comforted me because this is always a season of deeper reflection for me, sometimes quite dark reflection.

    Anyway, is that bronze up there amongst your gorgeous ruby and ochre? Yummy.

  2. A contemplation time for me, too. I'm finding many of my assumptions to be wrong, which just floors me. Loooove the ginko leaves.

  3. It's beltaine here in the Southern Hemishpere - new beginnings and growth all around.
    Love the pensive photos - and the skill involved in manipulating them - very clever!
    We're gearing up for summer and the crowds that gather here in our beautiful wee coastal town, and already looking forward to the wind down in the autumn, though I love the heat.

  4. I see we're all in agreement here ... October and November are always challenging months for me ... historical trends - transformation, loss, cross country moves and always a bit of celebration ... onward and into the light!


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