14 October 2011

forging ahead

Goodness, I've managed to get a few pieces of the new collection up on Etsy.  I got sidetracked and slowed down with things like updating my shipping profiles and charges and getting the images just right and then ended up with some really great jewelry shots, but the ones of the jewelry on me are less than wonderful ... self portraits are not my strong suit and they'll have to do for now.  But in case you haven't clicked over to see the new listings, here's a wee bit of a preview. 

I've got more jewelry to list, but have just run out of time ... thing is, we're heading down to Atlanta tomorrow to walk the Atlanta Apparel Show.  Of course I'm going to wear the full ensemble to walk the show.  Can't wait to put my new sweater with this piece ...

... and layered with another top favorite, one of the 'Elevenses' series ...

 Here's a sneak peek at a couple of pieces still to be listed ...

It will be Monday before anything else gets listed ... remember, patience is a virtue!
Okay, I'm kind of cross-eyed and pooped and am going to stop for now.  But when I return, I'll have some new radar sightings to share along with more steel lovelies.

Have a beautiful and safe fall weekend.
l i g a - kvk


  1. Kathy,
    As I looked at your adjustable I had a thought.. can you place it to incorporate it into
    the necklace, e.g. on the side of the necklace and then the longer piece is part of the necklace...
    just a thought

  2. Hi Wendy! I think that's sort of what I've done ... I think. The focal pieces slide on the cord; the adjustable part is just on one side and the finished look and balance will depend on how long you make the cord. Most of them go from 18" to 32" or longer. See what you think!
    all the best - k


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