09 October 2011

HELP! need feedback

Everything was going along fine and then yesterday we went up to the Penland area for an annual potters' market and to visit a couple of galleries.  So of course I had to put on my artist duds and test drive some of my new pieces.  I had in mind to wear a couple of the raw cube necklaces.  I wanted them to be long and sit one just above the other.  That's when I realized the lengths needed to be adjustable, or at least I'm thinking that the lengths should be adjustable.  I love the look of really long pieces ... you know like 36" and more.  But that was way too long to wear with my inspiration sweater.

Here's the three I had to choose from ...

I thought I had the whole closure thing figured out.  But I'm not feeling so sure right now ... amazing how difficult it is to design and engineer interesting, clean and elegant solutions.  Kind of surprised, but this little conundrum has me kind of deflated.   

This is how I thought I would finish most of the new work ... a fixed closure, the necklace cords are long enough to just slip over the head - I was making these pretty long - 32" to 36". 

I've been in a bit of a snit all day trying to take a step back, not stay annoyed and solve my design problem.  This is the adjustable closure I came up with a while ago.  It still slips over the head, but there's an overhand knot next to the fossil that slides on the cord. 

I thought this looked pretty cool, fit in with the overall theme and functioned well.  Dave, who has a  pretty good eye for design, wasn't convinced.  He didn't think my customers would want to mess with adjusting the cord ... I'm not so sure. 

He was thinking I should do my regular button/loop clasp ...

For years, my closures have always been a KVK button and loop or the forged hook and link (which is silver and doesn't fit in with this work).  I really want something different for this collection. 

HELP!  This is where living in a near vacuum has its problems.  Any opinions here?  I'm definitely not usually one to design by committee, but I would very much love some feedback, opinions, insight ... hmmm, insight's probably my responsibility, but feedback would be lovely.

with deep gratitude ...
l i g a - kvk


  1. I like adjustable necklaces as I like the option of being able to have it hang in just the right place. I also agree that your adjustable solution fits nicely with the overall design of the piece. It's integrated which actually doesn't happen all that often with this type of adjustment.

  2. Kathy, I have to agree with Summers Studio. There's a lot to be said about the option of having it hang at different lengths. Sometimes I like shorter, but with that same piece, I'd like the option of it hanging longer, depending on what I'd be wearing it with. Definitely adjustable lengths!
    vickie in kc

  3. Maybe its the whole one sided thing with nothing on the other side to complement it. I have a couple of necklaces that I bought a number of years back. Both sides have the sliding knot. That way they balance each other but I can wear it really long or short.

  4. I'm going with the adjustable version. It's got a sliding knot on one side. The asymmetrical element ties into the asymmetry of the focal aspects of the necklaces. It just feels like the right finishing touch.

    Thanks so very much for the feedback! It really has helped!

  5. Yay Kathy; glad you made this choice. Definitely the right finishing touch!
    vickie in kc

  6. Kathy, late here for feedback but I like adjustable. I love a long necklace to layer but sometimes it has to be adjusted for your clothing!


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