23 May 2012

the business at hand

A supremely huge Thank You to everyone that's joined in the recent conversations!  I'm looking forward to doing more research, taking a harder look at my business goals and aspirations and I'm particularly excited about joining forces with my friends in this blogosphere. 

But before that can happen, this mondo pile of components needs to be made into finished jewels and shipped across the country.  In the middle of finishing these orders, I'm going to throw in a few days at the beach, so it will be a bit before I can get back to the business side of things.

where I am right now ...

where I'll be next week ...

I'm enjoying working on these orders and can't wait to dive into that salty ocean and I'm really looking forward to carrying on our conversation.  But I'm having a devil of a time deciding what I want to listen to this morning ... 

Back to it for this little peep ... Stay tuned!
l i g a - kvk


  1. My Lord! That is one humongous pile of components! You didn't fire all of that at once, did you?

    1. Yep! 175 grams of pmc. With the exception of the few pieces with gemstones, it was all fired at one time. My kiln is soft brick and a bit bigger than average - 8x6x12”. I have cordierite shelves and stilts and load that sucker as full as I can. Not bad for 2 days work!

  2. have a glorious, glorious time...


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