24 May 2012

elements of a composition

Further along in the process of filling a couple of wholesale orders ...

Yesterday's work, the soldered elements ... after spending the night tumbling in stainless steel shot - ear wires, forged hook clasps that have yet to be curved into shape, chains with hook and link clasps, chain link extensions, gemstone pendants, gemstone studs and earrings - all patinaed and ready for several more hours in the tumbler, this time with abrasive shot

Next on the to-do list - my beloved Gudebrod silk that will be plied into cord for necklaces

And then the finished pmc components, ready for assembly.  
These two orders were heavy on the coin and pickets designs

Okay, back to work ......
l i g a - kvk


  1. How interesting to see some of the processing before the final presentation! That's one gorgeous collection of pieces!

  2. i so very much wish those who purchase the work could see all that goes into it... in every conceivable way...
    i appreciate so much the hunkering down and attending to the details... for your work is impeccable in all aspects...

  3. Seriously gorgeous components....I agree with Mary - impeccable work. I've tried BronzClay, but I look forward to trying PMC.

  4. Thanks kids! I just love gazing at my components in those little bins ... always makes me happy. Me and PMC - 14+ years and I'm still in love!


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