08 September 2010

facing off the new moon

Over the last year or so, days of the new moon have been a challenge.  I'll be well into my day, fighting mood swings, feelings of dis-ease surging and ebbing, then look at the calendar or something on-line and realize it's the new moon.  The last couple of months, I've been trying to be more aware of the moon cycles in relation to my own mood cycles.  So I've been bracing myself for the coming new moon.

Today, I'm pleased to say, I feel invigorated and my level of excitement about the new work remains high.  It could be related to the new components I just removed from the tumbler ... tiny tiny beads, some hollow, some solid, some discs with smeared edges.  They have a delicious weight, some are very ragged looking, some are quite pristine, I love them all ...

My good mood could also be inspired by a feeling of accomplishment.  I've been busy ...

Continued feelings of exaltation when gazing upon my work-in-progress ...

Throw in a quiet morning, freshly made veggie juice (thank you again Nina!), a large mug of scalding black tea and the music of Stephan Micus and I feel up to the challenge of facing off this new moon. 
Excerpts from a couple of favorites ...

Then there's this one from the same album - heaven ...

This will be me welcoming the new moon and embracing it's potential ... now it's back to work for this little peep............
blessings - kvk


  1. The new work is ridiculously fabulous! I can't wait to see more! Ride the creative wave!

    And I think that when you're a creative type, you're tapping into something bigger... The Current... and when you're connected to this grand force, you're subject to the world – the Universe – around you. Moon phases, weather patterns, the moods and emotions of the people around you... they all influence. I think that this osmosis with the Outside and Other is part of the magic of Creation. We become vehicles of manifestation.

  2. happy new moon, sweet one... and i agree with andrew - this new work is ridiculously fabulous!!


  3. Wow - thanks kids!
    "vehicles of manifestation" - oooh, I like that - thanks Andrew!

  4. Fresh juices are incredible... truly feeds the brain! Like a sigh up there, i swear. You will crave them. Blender Mango (doesn't juice well) and Honeydew mellon with carrot is kick A!
    A spoonful of olive oil and pinch of salt and the brain is singing silky smooth.

    I didn't know that about the new moon--don't (think I) feel the moon, only rarely the full moon gives excuse to be restless. feeling contentment lately --am learning people like the moon from blogging. It's like a time piece, ticking up there, watching us as we watch it.

    Now the Hurricaine, ahh...that big barometric pressure and everyone restless and in a hurricaine party mood, that was something to feel! :)

    love watching your work transform, your openess and excitement. your phrase, "I love it all" is perfect.


  5. M! I love the juice, but it's very labor intensive and I'm not always in the mood dive in for the full production. I'd heard about the salt and olive oil - will definitely try that next time.

    I only noticed the new moon effects a couple of years ago. I think it is tied into hormonal stuff as well. Bottom line is, if I'm on the downswing I know it will pass and I just have to ride it out.

    Yeah, I know all about that hurricane lunacy - I grew up in Florida.

    And sustained excitement about my work - very very nice.
    xo blessings


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