02 September 2010

intuition confirmed

Overall for the day, I've done pretty well.  Right now I'm struggling to stay focused and avoid distractions ... gee, like doing a quick blog post ... but I was starting to get kind of fried and needed a bit of a break ... so I figure this is still being productive ... well, sort of.
I just now read today's horoscope ...

Don't go out today if you can avoid it, dear Sagittarius. This is too perfect a moment to pursue solitary activities, such as meditation and the study of scripture and other spiritual works. This is also just the time for artistic inspiration, so you won't want to be very far from the tools of your trade. Relax and let your mind go; whatever you do may seem to be propelling itself.

well, sort of.
I tend to read my horoscope at the end of the day, rather than the beginning.  Funny thing is, I've usually done just what it suggests - all on my own.  When I read them later I confirm that my intuition is steering me in the right direction and that some part of me instinctively knows how to proceed.

Happily, the new work is coming together; I'm starting to edit, see what's missing.

Today's favorite pieces ... 
This is a very raw looking nugget on a 14" double silk cord with my button and loop clasp.  I wait for the PMC to get pretty dry before shaping the nugget - that makes for lots of cracks and raw edges, which I love.  I'm really liking the idea of the 14" length, although for production, I'm thinking it will be 14 1/2 or 15". 

And I'm thrilled with how these have come together - multi strand cord with mondo focal components.  The finishing on the first couple of incarnations was just too messy, so I decided to make some end caps.  I wanted very clean details - the sheen of the 10 strands of silk cord and neatly finished closure - to contrast with the seriously rustic cubes.  There's two more versions - cylinders and my vertebrae looking rings, and two more colors, black and charcoal gray.  Did I mention how much I love the silk cord?

And then, yesterday I was trying out a couple of component ideas - big focal pendants.  They're hollow, formed over thin cork clay cores.  There are some gaps and holes in them (intentional), so while tumbling they collected some water.  I put them in the oven to dry them out and, when I took them out this is what I saw ...

This is the residue from the oval pendant, a perfect ghost of the original - it looks like a print, but brushed away like dust - one of those little moments of wonder that I try not to take for granted.

Well this worked out very nicely ... I'm finishing up just in time to start working on dinner and then a movie - Becoming Jane - we've heard good things, so we'll just have to wait and see.

ttfn with many blessings - kvk

p.s.  what I'm listening to ... Stellamara


  1. Oh, I like Becoming Jane a lot. It's perfectly melancholic.

    The new jewelry looks great! I love your use of the silk cord. It looks so light and effortless to wear.

    And I imagine that the ash residue from the cork clay mixed with the water and when it was baking, came out, and evaporated and left the solids from the ash.

  2. so lovely to see you in the flow! xx

  3. Love the rusticness of your work Kathy!! I might have to try working with cork now that I see yoru awesome results!

  4. briefly surfacing to say HI!

    N - yes, in the flow - deep breath ...

    A - Becoming Jane was gorgeous and moderately engaging - now we need to find the other Jane movies and do a Jane fest. I just loved that the ash residue left a perfect ghost of the original - so unexpected.

    K - cork clay is handy stuff and then there's my way of working with PMC - not everyone's cup of tea ... but, after 12 years of working with the stuff, I'm still obsessed.

    ... diving back in.

  5. great squares and sensual water moving links.
    love the video--reminded me of Dead Can Dance a bit at first.

    Never saw that movie. Finally got to see Bright Star (was sooo disappointed). Pretty but little substance.

    LOL to the hot meal! I agree. Raw seems superhuman to keep fully.

  6. M - yes, kind of a cross between DCD and Vas. Now I'm on to Stephan Micus - ever changing moods.
    I agree about Bright Star - absolutely beautiful but a bit thin. And superhuman I am most assuredly not!


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